Video Review: Coheed & Cambria – Bridge & Tunnel (demo)

If you’re a long-time fan of Coheed & Cambria – from back in the days of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth and Good Apollo I’m Burning et al – then you’d be forgiven for not recognising their new video release Bridge & Tunnel as a C&C track.

The wonderful rocky guitar riffs and driving drums on tracks like my personal favourite Favor House Atlantic and The Camper Velourium I are a thing of the past, with this latest offering sounding decidedly – and I hate to say it – mainstream pop.

Whether this new sound is a sign of things to come and a change in direction from the New Yorkers remains to be seen, especially as their most recent album The Color Before The Sun was rocky enough. But if it is, then it’s safe to say we’ll probably give it a miss in the future.

Bridge and Tunnel begins with an electronic poppy sounding intro before some almost C&C-esque guitars kick in. The distinctive vocals of Claudio Sanchez – which are by far and away the only good point about the song – then enter the fold over a mellow guitar and electronica riff, before an unusual pop chorus. And repeat, repeat, before a rather odd piano interlude.

The track in itself is inoffensive and it does grow on you, but it almost sounds like they’ve written it as a track to slow down their gigs to give people a chance to get their lighters up in the air. It’s not what we expect to see or hear from Coheed & Cambria and, in truth, it’s a bit bland and dull and it never really gets going.

As for the video itself, it’s a lovely depiction of their hometown of New York. So if you fany a nice artsy look at the Big Apple, then knock yourself out.

See for yourself in the video below:

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