Video Review: Chasing Cadence – Everyone Relax

If you’ve not heard of Chasing Cadence before, then we’d like to introduce you to a very special up and coming British band.

They’re fast, they’re frantic, they’re brutal but they’re also brilliant, melodic and, in Jack Harris, they have a singer whose voice makes the hairs on your arms stand up. The video for new single Everyone Relax brings together all these key ingredients, with an entertaining video narrative to boot.

The song starts off slowly in the opening verse before bursting into life in a heavy, drum and guitar-riff led chorus before dropping back down into a relaxed second verse.

But Hertfordshire’s Chasing Cadence are truly at their best with the powerful driving riffs that fuel the interlude that follows the second chorus, which sees the song explode into a powerful explosion of rock.

As for the video itself, it emulates the musical accompaniment – seeing a man leave his flat being slapped by his girlfriend then car-jacking another guy at gunpoint only to see the tables turned on him by rival gunmen.

Check it out in the video below:

If this has given you the taste then we strongly implore to check out the video for last year’s release Dear Life, which is simply a superb track.

Chasing Cadence’s new EP, Destroy Something Beautiful, will be out in September and you can pre-order here. The band is also playing at The Black Heart in Camden on September 29th, so get yourself down there for what should be an awesome gig.

If it’s not obvious from the above, we love Chasing Cadence and urge you all to check them out pronto.

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