Single Review: Jimmy Eat World – Get Right

One of the defining moments of my personal music education is Jimmy Eat World’s classic Bleed American album. Tracks like Sweetness and Get It Faster helped a 17-year-old me fall in love with rock music all the way back in 2001 – yes, it’s 15 years since that album was released!

Now, a decade and a half later and three years on from their most recent album Damage, the Arizona quartet has returned with a single that harks back to those glory years. It’s a return to the heavy, almost raw sound you’d associate with their earlier days, and it’s certainly a pleasant reminiscence.

The track begins with an almost menacing distroted guitar intro, while the lyrics preceding the chorus almost epitomise a change in focus from the band, as Jim Adkins laments “Time gets wasted, now is for the now, get loud.” This is followed by an addictive chorus that can’t help but have you longing more of the great sound of Jimmy Eat World.

Check the track out for yourself in the video below:

We’ll look forward to seeing if Get Right is a sign of great things to come when Jimmy Eat World’s new album is released on October 21st. The band have also announced there will be two intimate gigs in London, with general tickets on sale from September 2nd.

Oh, and if this got you in the mood for a bit of classic Jimmy Eat World, then please do rock out on this little treat:


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