Video Review: Stormy Strong – Holiday

With today being the hottest day of the year so far for much of the UK, it seems only natural to review a song that oozes that summer feeling. So today we’ve been enjoying the summer feel-good vibes that come to us from Stormy Strong on their new track Holiday.

To start with the video – it’s brilliant. It starts off with lead singer ‘Stormy’ in a bar on a Californian pier getting checked out by two very attractive ladies, then leaves the bar and gets knocked out after slipping on a banana  and then moves into what we presume is his preceding dream. Cue sexy mermaid ladies chasing a gorilla eating bananas in their bikinis, the band dressed as different varieties of sailors on a beach, and a generally entertaining video and song – who could want more?

As for the music, it’s laid back, fun and oozes in Californian coolness. The band describe themselves as ‘Saltwater Rock’ which, we’ll be honest, is a new term for us, but we already love it. If, like us, you’re unaware of what this concept is then it’s essentially extremely catchy rock that wouldn’t be out of place on an American Pie soundtrack.

The video and the song have the desired effect, as right now we just want to go on holiday somewhere sunny, sandy and peaceful. Especially if those mermaids are going to be there.

Check out the video for Holiday below:

And when you’re done with that, check out Stormy Strong’s awesome cover of The Pixies’ classic Where Is My Mind?

You can check out their music on all the usual channels, including Spotify, and follow them on Twitter @StormyStrong.



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