Album Review: A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations

A Day To Remember are back and in very fine fashion indeed. The Florida rockers’ sixth album sees them return to their very best, harking back to the great days of For Those Who Have Heart and Homesick, with their trademark sound on latest release Bad Vibrations.

Fresh from touring with the likes of The Amity Affliction and Hands Like Houses in Australia at the end of 2015, the band released first single from the new record, Paranoia, in March. The superb, brutally infective track had us expecting a lot from Bad Vibrations, and the record delivers big-time.

It starts off heavy, really heavy. Title track Bad Vibrations is big, loud, screamy but at the same time melodic and a great way to open the album up.

This leads into Paranoia, which ramps up the heavy introduction to the album with its driving drumbeats, infectious vocals and blasting guitars.

The pace drops off a little as we move into Naivety – an infectious singalong punk track which had me confused what they were saying (before looking at the track title to write this) with the pronunciation of ‘naivety’ – it sounds like ‘my evity,’ whatever that could possibly have meant.

Next up, Exposed bursts into life with a really cool guitar intro before reverting back to the shouty craziness we love ATDR for. That’s followed by more of the same with Bullfight – laid-back vocals that build and promise to burst into life before exploding into punky singalong choruses perfectly offset by a bit of timely screaming and booming guitars. While that’s followed by the brilliant Reassemble and it’s brutal instrumental assault.

The pace threatens to drop off as we ease into Justified, one of my favourite songs on the record, but soon ramps up as the chorus kicks into life. This is followed by another instant classic, We Got This, from which the lyrics ‘To anyone who’s alone in a crowded room, put your hands up high sing it out of tune,’ seem to have been burned into my head for the last week I’ve been listening to the record. It’s addictive, punky, emotional and I love it.

My personal favourite track off the record is Turn Off The Radio. The track encompasses everything that’s great about ADTR – it’s punky, catchy, it’s shouty, it’s got big loud choruses that you don’t know whether to sing along to or jump up and down to – and find yourself doing both – and above all else, it’s brilliant.

The intensity drops off a little from this point in the form of Forgive and Forget, and even gets a bit down in the dumps (as the name suggests) with Negative Space, but it remains hugely enjoyable throughout.

A Day To Remember have given us a heavy, punky album that at times threatens to drop into pop but recovers sufficiently to deliver a brutal reminder of their true metalcore roots. It’s a return to what they do best, with screaming and brutal onslaughts of noise throughout, fused with their trademark ability to drop the pace and go all melodic on us.

ATDR will be on the road for eight UK gigs in January, touring with Moose Blood and Neck Deep. Full gig information is here.


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