New Band of the Week: Sidelines

We’re kicking off a new weekly feature that will bring you our tip for a hot new up-and-coming band to check out – in our New Band of the Week.

Our maiden New Band of the Week is South East London-based Sidelines.

Sidelines have only been together for around six months and released their self-titled EP back in March. Lead song from the EP Drowning in Smoke opens up with a perfect blend of intense metalcore and driving guitar riffs beautifully contrasted by a moving quiet interlude, then diving deep into an extended guitar solo. See for yourself below:

I really enjoy the mix of high-pitched guitar solos supported by heavy guitar chords and often screamed vocals being perfectly contrasted by moments of melancholy that is prevalent throughout the EP. The latter point is perfectly portrayed in Short Walk, which starts off slowly before bursting into full-on metalcore mode to become arguably the heaviest track on the record, closely rivalled by final track To Make A Cloud.

We caught up with the boys from Sidelines this week to get the lowdown on what they’re all about and give you some insight into their music.

Describe your music in three words?

“Emotional, big, honest.”

What motivates you to write music?

“Life is pretty much the key motivator for all of the music we write. All of the members use the music we make as an outlet for our anger, sadness, jealousy etc… The main themes that crop up in our songs are based around these emotions.

“To Make A Cloud is about finally feeling in control of your anxiety, while Drowning In Smoke is about the cycle of depression people tend to go through during life.

“We really make a lot of effort to be honest with ourselves and anyone who’s listening with our music and lyrics.

What makes you unique as a band?

I’d say our honesty and emotion in the music is what makes us unique, if not unique at least a breath of fresh air. We’re not scared to just say how we feel, even if that can come off as over dramatic or making mountains out of molehills. – We’re currently unsigned but definitely open to working with the right label.

What have you got coming up?

“Right now we’ve got a few gigs coming up around London, one on the 29th of September at 93 Feet East and another on the 21st of October at The Workshop. We’ve also got a Halloween show at The Surya.

“We’re also working on a brand new single, which we’re staying tight lipped on but we’re really excited about it and think everyone is really going to dig it!”

We think Sidelines rock, and they’re a young band making great music that’s well worth checking out.

As mentioned above, you can catch Sidelines in person at 93 Feet East, in Shoreditch, on 29th September with additional dates next month. Follow Sidelines on Facebook and on Twitter @SidelinesUKBand to keep up with them, and check out the Sidelines EP on Spotify.

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