Introducing: Derby rock duo MYOKE

There’s a school of thought that keeping things simple can help you produce greater results than something big, complicated and elaborate.

That particular thought brings us to Derby-based rockers MYOKE. You wouldn’t believe it on first listen, but this up-and-coming band consists of just two members – lead singer and guitarist Nat Webb and drummer and backing vocalist Seb Boyse.

The two friends have been playing music together for a few years now, but only began gigging as MYOKE back in January. They’ve since released debut EP Init just last month, and are already well on their way to a follow-up record, which we hope to be warming our ears by early next year.

But regardless of the fact that there’s only two of them, there’s no denying MYOKE sound massive.

Speaking to us this weekend, Nat and Seb said: “We started playing together in the very same unromantic and colourless sentence that has started many bands: ‘hey man, wanna jam? But our aim is to keep on playing shows and keep on making music as loudly and as creatively as a two-piece can possibly go.

“The response we’ve had from our debut has ignited a creative spark for sure. We would describe our music as doing what we want / can, but in three words; melody, distortion, rhythm.”

Those three words come across in abundance on Init. Opening track Tive begins slowly with a funky little riff supporting Webb’s vocals but soon launches into full-on rock mode through the chorus and on into a heavily distorted interlude.

Second track Ven has more than a little of A Day To Remember’s Paranoia about its heavy intro, followed by a cool call and response verse between vocals and guitar, followed by a funky distorted mini guitar interlude. Then Otta‘s stinging riffs, followed by heavily distorted guitar and big drumbeats absolutely epitomise the MYOKE sound. It rocks, it’s cool and it’s sublime.

Digging further into the MYOKE psyche, Nat and Seb said: “Our songwriting process is as raw as it comes really, setting up in a room and just rocking out and sweating over riffs and beats until it sticks. Lyrically it ranges from home truths and deep thought to tongue-in-cheek nuances, really only determined by the mood we wear while writing.

Based on what we’ve heard this two-piece can certainly go a long way. MYOKE’s music is awesome, combining heavy and infectious riffs with driving drumbeats you can’t help but enjoy.

To keep in touch with Myoke follow them on Facebook and listen to their music on Soundcloud, or find them on Spotify, and we hope to be bringing you more from them very soon.

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