Introducing: Devils Envy’s quest for metal glory

“Renegade metallic assault.” Those three words by themselves are pretty exciting, but when combined to form the battle plan for one band’s quest for musical glory they become well and truly glorious.

The masterminds behind this this wonderful three-word phrase are Orlando, Florida-based Devils Envy. In addition to having an awesome band name, they leaped out at me with the self-descriptive phrase: “The renegade metallic assault that America hasn’t encountered since the new wave of heavy metal in the early 80’s.”

The quartet of Eli Saint (drums), Justin Sims (vocals) Zakk Sandler (bass) and Angel Graves (guitar, vocals) (left to right in the image), only formed in February but have made their plans for glory clear. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the music itself.

Unsurprisingly, Devils Envy are fast, loud and heavy, and I love it. It does indeed hark back to the glorious heavy metal scene that emanated from the 1980s, with fast drums supporting swooping guitar solos, in between big, loud choruses.

To see for yourself, have a listen to Dead Inside below:

The band has released another song on YouTube called Look At Me Now, which is even heavier. The opening two lines of the song set the tone: “Fuck you, you all got something to say; Stand up, say it to my face.” Bring it on! What follows is a brutally brilliant 3-and-a-bit minutes of pure heavy metal. I love the simple, cool but heavy intro riff and the manic drumming is superb.

Just to prove they’re not ones to hide away, on their website the band state: “Our mission is to come bursting into the entertainment scene, firing on all cylinders with a voice for a generation that is long overdue for something real and in your face. This rock outfit from Central Florida embraces the charisma, characteristics, and attitude of their metal heroes in a manner that would make them proud to have inspired.”

In order to achieve these lofty goals the band is, like a few others we’ve discussed in the last couple of weeks, turning to us, the fans. They’re aiming to raise $3,500 towards creating and publicising a new music video. If you like what you hear then you can help them towards their goal via their GoFundMe page.

We love what we hear, so we wanted to find out more and get the band to expand on these views, so here is our Q&A with Devils Envy:

Hey guys, great to speak with you. The first thing we notice about you is your mention of bands from the 80s inspiring you. Which musicians are or have been your strongest musical influences?

“We have many musical influences from different eras. And they range from Tim Burton and Danny Elfman; classic artists such as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and The Doors.

“Our most noticeable influences in our music are Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, modern day artists from different genres, and even from video games as well. It’s a devilish cocktail for those of us who dare to mix so many styles into one.”

That sounds pretty amazing. You mention being the musical force that America hasn’t seen since the 80’s – but any plans on breaking the UK / Europe?

“We may not sound like a 80s rock band, but our attitude reflects that. You can tell the difference between artists who pour their heart out into their music, and the ones trying to dish out another hit. And we believe in being raw and true to our audience, while being stylish and flashy like they were (without the teased hair and pink spandex).

“We’re hoping to break out worldwide. We’re working towards putting rock on the forefront of entertainment, alongside pop stars and DJs. Bringing the same vibe we once knew back in the 90s when TRL (record label) showcased all artists from all genres. Rather than compete with them, we wish to work with them. Preparing what people know as “Pop music” as good as dead and giving it a brand new meaning. Hopefully then, we will have the opportunity to be seen and heard everywhere.”

Yeah we totally agree, let’s hope we can make that dream come true. Which three words would you use to describe your music?

“Pure, unfiltered, and crazy.”

We hear you. So what influences you to write like that?

“Besides everyday experiences, and current events that affect us as people, we basically feel the need to give everyone who we can relate to a voice to say the things they’d most likely be ridiculed for, or even censored. People battling mental illness, injustice, abuse, etc. Standing up for them and shouting a big “F- You” to those who have ever pushed them down.

“Our musical vibe can seem very dark and eccentric, but there’s always that little light of hope we express through our music. Letting ourselves know that there’s a chance of a better tomorrow, only if we build it together.”

What else have you got coming up? New music, new gigs, recording etc…?

“There are so many things in the works we’d hate to sound silly for by announcing too soon. But, so far, we’ve hinted our EP release to be sometime next month.

“Since we’re currently working this band independently, it takes more time to prepare our releases. Our whole concept and mission for this is mainly entertainment. Not just another band, touring endlessly and aimlessly.

“We’re excited about releasing our single page comic strips, which is what the brand name started out to be. Basically every song we release will have a comic styled short story that represents the song’s theme. We have a few independent film placements that will be announced soon. We’re also currently working on some other stuff, but has to remain a secret, deep in our bat cave… For now.”

Thanks to Devils Envy for speaking to us, and I can’t wait to see more from them in the future. I urge you all to check these guys out and, if you like what you hear, help them in their quest for metal glory.

To find out more about Devil’s Envy check out their YouTube channel, and stay in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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