Introducing: Barbie Sailers fly the flag for Swiss rock music

When you think of Switzerland, awesome rock bands probably aren’t the first thing that pop into your mind. However, Barbie Sailers, from the region of Ticino, near the Italian border in southern Switzerland, could be about to change all that.

The band have been together since 2011, having all met at school a year earlier, and racked up gigs supporting some top bands along the way, including the likes of Parkway Drive and Papa Roach.

However, the band is realistic about how tough the music industry is, especially for bands outside of the UK or US markets. Lead singer Thierry Jaccard told us: “There are a lot of bands around the world, very good bands, so it’s very hard to accept the fact that it’s really hard to become well-known. We don’t think about it and we live day by day, playing the music we like and having fun, and this makes us feel good without having a sensation of failure.”

This sense of fun certainly comes across in their music. Barbie Sailers’ self-titled EP came out in May, and offers a great insight into their punky sound. Standout tracks Free Fall and Fighters are full of catchy riffs and singalong choruses, and it’s full of punky energy that make it easy to draw similarities to A Day To Remember. But the thing that makes this Swiss band unique is the sound of lead singer Thierry’s voice – which has an underlining accent that, for me, is really cool.

Check out their music for yourself in the cool video for Free Fall, with suits and all, below:

As mentioned above Barbie Sailers has an impressive track record of supporting some great bands.

Thierry told us: “The best gig was in Zurich as supporting act for Papa Roach and Glamour of the Kill. We also toured with Our Last Night and this was also awesome. We had the chance to play at Warped Europe in Bern with a lot of great bands and this was another amazing experience.”

Away from events like the Warped Europe tour, which Thierry mentioned in the Swiss town of Bern, the band admit there’s not a huge rock scene in Switzerland, explaining: “Swiss bands mostly play soft music, like pop, indie or rap/hip hop. There’s not a big rock / punk / metal music scene. But there are some greats bands, like Dreamshade or Scream Your Name.”

That being said, Barbie Sailers are certainly flying the flag for Swiss rock music and if their most recent EP is anything to go by then we’re hopeful of hearing much more from them in the near future.

The band are currently working on new music, which should be coming our way next year. To hear more from the band stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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