Single Review: Fort Hope – Say No

Hertfordshire rock seems to be something of a recurring theme for us here. We’ve not been shy in expressing our enjoyment of Chasing Cadence in recent weeks, and now it’s time to reveal our ongoing love for Fort Hope.

The trio’s music continues to just get better and better, and new single Say No exemplifies this impressive rise.

Say No starts off slowly with a delicate piano intro, before being joined by vocals from Jon Gaskin as the drums also get involved. The song then kicks into life with cool guitar riffs supporting Gaskin, as Fort Hope’s trademark sound takes over – and it’s not dissimilar in style from my favourite Fort Hope song to date Skies.

Gaskin’s vocals are as exceptional as ever, combining rocky choruses with soft tender moments, the usual impressive high notes and dramatic screamed accentuation at the end of lines. This is in full force in Say No, with a particular highlight being the repetitions of “Say No” followed by big bursts of heavy guitar after the verses.

The guitars are heavy and there’s some great riffs supporting Gaskin’s vocals, and all in all this song sees Fort Hope reaching a new level of greatness. If Say No is anything to go by then their upcoming Armure could easily be their best work to date – which is saying something, given how good their full-length album Courage and self-titled EP were.

Fort Hope’s new EP Armure is available for pre-order now, so ‘Say Yes’ and get your mits on it here.

The band are also touring the UK later this month, with six tour dates beginning in Oxford on October 22nd and finishing at The Underworld in Camden on October 29th – a gig that we will be attending. More information on that tour is here.

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