Introducing: FERO LUX

South Florida rockers FERO LUX are on the verge of a very spooky landmark, as they celebrate their 6(66)th anniversary as a band this Halloween.

If that particular reason for celebration is scary for some, then more so is the fact that not enough people know about the sheer quality of their post-hardcore / mathcore music. Intense Glassjaw-esque bursts of guitar noise, weaving guitar riffs, massive drums and screamed vocals combine to create a brutally brilliant sound that echoes back to a more hardcore version of the likes of At The Drive-In, who just happen to be a key influence for lead singer Victor.

The four-piece, from Broward County in south-east Florida, released latest album No Rest earlier this year, and it’s quite masterful. A personal favourite track is, conveniently in keeping the Halloween theme, the excellent Doubleghost. It opens up with some electric noise then bursts of guitar before launching into screamed vocals supported by guitar riffs and huge driving drums that build an almost spooky atmosphere.

And to celebrate FERO LUX’s Halloween-themed anniversary further, check out the video for Hearse Song below:

We spoke to lead singer Victor this week to find out more about FERO LUX, and their plans beyond their 6(66)th anniversary.


GR: Hey Victor, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a bit more about you?

Victor: “Hey! What’s up, Gig Radar? Thanks for having us. We’re FERO LUX! We all have nice hair, we run in place just before our heavy ass breakdowns, and we all wear ONLY black. All the time.”


GR: Well they say black is the new… black, right? We’ve been listening to you guys a lot this week, one of many things that stands out is your songwriting. What influences you to write music, any key themes or topics?

Victor: “Definitely. We try to stay writing about things happening in the world. Our last record was kind of socio-politically aware so we’ll definitely be keeping up with that theme. At least until we sell out.”

GR: What are you working on right now?

“We are currently writing a bunch of songs for either a new EP or full length, we haven’t yet decided. We’re also playing a wedding this month… seriously. So if you wanna hire us, hit up.” (GR: If you’re seriously interested, tell us and we’ll introduce you!)

“We’re also touring this November with Accident Prone from Virginia, and again in December with Ether who are our brothers from south Florida. Very excited for both trips! But, nothing in the UK as of yet. It’s a dream of ours though, so hopefully very soon! We do have lots of friends in the UK.

GR: We’d be more than happy to see you here, so hit us up when you do! With that in mind, what are your goals as a band / musically?

Victor: “I’d personally like to be touring half of the year. So I guess I’d like to be gone for at least 183 days of the year playing for as many or as little people will listen.

“Also, I want MC Ride from Death Grips on a track. That’d be nuts.”

GR: If we can make that happen, you and I both would be very happy. What’s the back story? How did you get together? And what made you want to get involved in music / being in a band?

Victor: “We’ve all been in and out of bands for the past ten years. This band started, however, when David and I created Ben in a lab, a la Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, from parts we took from other musicians we knew. We gave him encyclopedic knowledge of everything and fed him nothing but Bass guitar music theory books. This dude Nick was peeking in the window, watching us create Ben. We ambushed him. We said we wouldn’t kill him if he played drums in our band. Soooo…yeah.”


GR: Well that’d certainly fit the Halloween theme wouldn’t it? What’s your record label situation – Signed / unsigned / don’t care etc…

“Unsigned. Perpetually unsigned. But we’ve had help from our great independent friends over the years. Mad shout outs to Soul Jolt Records, Choke Artist, and Iron Young Records.”

GR: Which bands would you say have been your strongest musical influences?

Victor: “TOO many to list. I’m going to pick one. At The Drive-In. Powerful, heavy, spazzy, wild, moving, noisy, fun. Everything you could ever want in a rock and roll band.”

And as for a song or album, speaking for myself it’s a band from Tallahassee, Florida, called Buffalo Buffalo. The record is called Coping Systems. It’s incredible.

GR: What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Victor: “Been to a thousand shows, it’s hard to pick a best. They all have their shining moments, you know? I got kicked out of the 10-year anniversary show for the band Thursday’s Full Collapse. I jumped over the guards and sang on stage in front of 1,000 people with Geoff for about six seconds before being dragged out. That was pretty baller.”

GR: That’s pretty epic – so you must have a few stories about gigs / being on the road?

Victor: “Well when we’re on the road, much like any other band I’m sure, we’re just trying to have fun and crack up the whole time. Sometimes we’ll get to a venue and be blown away by how rad it is, sometimes it’ll be the shittiest place ever. But shitty is sweet. There’s nothing more us four enjoy than adventuring and playing rock and roll.”

GR: It’s all about having fun, right? So talking of touring, being in a band etc.. how do you feel about the music industry as a whole? Is it easy to make a living in music, or do things need to change to help new bands?

Victor: “Oh things need to change, big time. How you ask? You’d probably want to start by filling numerous glass bottles with gasoline (or some sort of accelerant). Fashioning a wick from rags or cloths. Inserting those into each bottle deep enough so the gasoline won’t leak from the opening of the bottle. Then finding out where major label offices are…

“A band like ours will never make a living doing this. We have jobs outside of this, that’s how we make our living. Being in this band is more recreation to keep us sane, and sometimes, a vacation.”

GR: And finally, what do you get up to outside of music?

Victor: “Friends, family, animals, peace, life, adventure, fun. And a shit ton of horror movies.”

A massive thanks to Victor for speaking to us, he channels the fun and energy you can feel in FERO LUX’s music in his answers and let’s hope they can bring their brand of awesome mathcore to the UK soon!

You can check out FERO LUX’s music in all the usual places, including their favouite Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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