Introducing: Polarities

Chicago-based Polarities are on a quest that’s almost as philosophical as it is musical. The five-piece fuses heavy guitars and screamed vocals with wonderful melodies to create an emotionally charged, heavily vocal-led experience.

Indeed, the name Polarities itself relates to ‘the presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles.’ And when you transfer this concept to merging the two contrasting musical styles together it works superbly.

The post-hardcore band has been around for just over two years, since vocalists David Sims and Mike Morgan (that’s right, two lead singers) left previous bands and joined forces with bassist Mark Graham. Drummer Zach Boots wrote their first song and soon joined the band along with the final piece in the puzzle, guitarist Brian Scott.

The band has taken inspiration from the likes of The Used, Underoath and our very own Bring Me The Horizon to form their brand of melodic rock meets post-hardcore verging on metal sound, which they describe as “aggressive yet melodic and passionate.”

And that description is spot on, as hugely powerful vocals combine with big guitar riffs and sweeping solos as portrayed in the huge sound of Lost Time, which comes from the band’s eponymous debut EP from earlier this year.

Also on that EP is the equally good Take Me, which features a superb heavy guitar interlude that launches into a brilliantly brutal blitz of hardcore noise, and No Hope, which gives a stronger focus on the band’s melodic side merging into their heavier sound.

Vocalist Mike Morgan told us: “The desire to make an overall complete sound, from melodic and ambient to aggressive and in your face, is something we emphasise in our work. We want to establish an emotional connection with the listener and attach it to a sound that they’ll appreciate enough to come back – and we want to appeal to all listeners.

“We like to write about how we feel a lot, especially when it comes to the overall vibe we get from the song.”

We asked Mike how easy the process has been merging the two styles, and generally getting noticed in the music industry.

“Having the chance to utilise our creativity in a way that makes others happy is the best feeling in the world. The industry is going through a bit of a revival right now, but you really need to love what you’re doing in music.

“A lot of time, money, hard work, and stress goes into being in a band and creating music. With that being said, please support your favorite bands and artists!”

We certainly second that and encourage you to get out there and check out Polarities’ music. Polarities are currently recording a music video set which will be released early next year, and have a heavy focus on writing so we can expect more new material very shortly.

Check out Polarities’ videos on YouTube, listen on Bandcamp, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and get your hands on their debut EP here.

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