Gig Review: The Fallen State, Pop Evil & 3 Doors Down at Eventim Apollo

Last night I watched UK rockers The Fallen State and fellow support act Pop Evil completely steal the show from headliners 3 Doors Down.

We previously wrote about The Fallen State when we announced they were set to support 3 Doors Down, and they did their reputation the world of good with last night’s performance.

Standout track You Want It was fantastic live and the energy created by drummer Rich Walker was superb, from cheeky drumstick pirouettes to driving the band forwards with a relentless thrash of drumming excellence.

The Fallen State’s energetic brand of guitar-driven rock is well worth checking out, so go and listen to their music and see them on the road.

Next up was American pop-rock band Pop Evil, who I didn’t think I was going to like but found strangely enjoyable. The lead guitarist was slamming out some impressive solos and, as the band went to great lengths to portray to us, they had a brand new female English drummer.

20161106_210334Pop Evil were actually pretty fun, full of energy and threw us some enjoyable pop rock tunes, with riffs aplenty and epic spinning hair action from their bassist. The high point of their set was the lead singer climbing down into the crowd, creating a ‘camp fire, because this is England’ in the middle of the moshpit then starting a song among what he described as a “camping circle.” It was random but cool, and highlighted the band’s awesome level of audience engagement.

Which was the polar opposite of lead act for the evening 3 Doors Down. The lead singer came out in a baseball cap, which stayed on for the entire evening, and I found the repeated music videos from their tracks playing behind them a little bit odd. I was waiting for them to play their big hit Kryptonite, which was their final track before they went off for an encore. I know it was their last gig of their European tour, and it kind of seemed like they just wanted it to be over with.

For me this highlighted the importance of supporting up and coming new bands, like The Fallen State, who followed up their impressive recorded music with an excellent live set.



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