Introducing: Idolising Nova

Idolising Nova are an intriguing new talent, who’ve swiftly gone from cobbling together music in their drummer’s bedroom to making a real name for themselves in the music industry.

The trio of Jack Fulton Smith (lead singer and bass), Kris Lee (guitar and synth) and Kyle O’Sullivan (drums) only officially formed at the end of the summer. But while you might be envisaging some kind of Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Thru nonsense, the Peterborough-based trio’s music actually sounds polished and very good. They have a catchy, laid-back rocky style that’s enjoyable, easy to listen to and really grows on you.

New single Discover, which comes out on 25th November, is a cool pop-rock track that opens with quiet guitar chords and synth riff that feed into a bigger musical intro. The vocals are fast, flowing and upbeat and the chorus in particular is effortlessly catchy. It’s a hugely enjoyable song, especially when a guitar solo joins in for the final chorus.

Previous single Take On The World highlights the band’s ability to write catchy hooks and lyrics, with funky little guitar riffs and repeated ‘Wohh oh’ lyrics that lure the listener in. The other song we’ve heard from Idolising Nova is the equally enjoyable, superbly crafted My Dear, which is slightly edgier and might just be my favourite of their tracks.

Lead singer Jack told us: “Before this summer Idolising Nova was more of a project than a band, I didn’t really know where it was going and we were just trying a few different things. Kris and Kyle were in a band called KLAUS that had just decided to call it a day, and I was looking for a guitarist and drummer to form a band. We all knew each other before that point through sport and mutual friends, so when KLAUS split we arranged to have a jam together – it was fun and we all had a laugh and it’s just gone from there really.

“We all have a real passion and love for music which is what got us in to music in the first place. Listening to and seeing bands through our teenage years definitely played a big part in us starting to play and write music.”

We asked Jack what influences their music, and he said: “I wrote the lyrics for both Take On The World and Discover, and the main theme / topic that I had in my head whilst writing them was about going out and seeing the world, and not just seeing it all through a screen and only seeing aspects of things that the media want you to see- go and see it for yourself and form your own opinion on the real thing.”

Idolising Nova take influence from a range of music, but predominantly Foals, The 1975 and Eliza and The Bear, and these key influences are prevalent in the tracks we’ve heard from them so far.

Jack said: “There are so many bands that we love and have listened to for years, as well as upcoming bands. For me personally, Foals are easily one of the best bands of my generation. I listen to both their older and newer stuff a lot, it’s all so bloody good, and they are incredible live – Yannis is such a great frontman.

“Our aim is to just have fun and enjoy writing, recording and playing music, and to just do it as much as possible really! The aim is be to be able to do music full-time, it’s something we love doing and to be able to do it full-time would be amazing. Our days at the moment consist of going to work, then straight to Kris’ to write, record or go to rehearsals or band practice, go home and sleep and do it all over again. Don’t get me wrong, we love that, but being able to spend more time during the day to do music related stuff would be great.”

Discover is out on 25th November and the band hope to release new singles in December and January before playing gigs all over the UK from February onwards, so keep an eye out for them. Follow Idolising Nova on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music in the usual places.

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