Introducing: The Earthwalker Project

Today we’re introducing you to something wholly unique and potentially exciting, The Earthwalker Project. Not only does it have an amazing name, but the solo metal project of Joe Kearney also sounds pretty damn good too.

The Earthwalker Project began in earnest in August, and sees Kearney become the ultimate one-man band as he takes on guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards, synth and strings.

Kearney, who describes his project as “heavy, emotional and inspirational,” takes influence from nature – particularly the whole universe, the mind and soul as he channels messages of the likes of philosopher Alan Watts and psychonaut Terrence McKenna. Musically its influenced by the likes of Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Motionless In White, Thy Art Is Murder amongst others. So, as you can probably imagine, it’s pretty heavy.

Kearney said: “The main theme and topic is that humanity has gone off the natural track of life and, due to this, there is disharmony in the universe and within himself. The project is currently working on writing new material, as well as planning for the release of the debut single, along with writing the idea for the first music video.

“I’ve always been involved with music since a very young age, and been playing in different bands for six years now. I was encouraged to start my project due to my own drive to share the message to carry to the world and to inspire people with my music. I am currently unsigned and am working toward finding a label in the future that will help me carry my music and message on.

We’ve had a special preview peek at the upcoming debut track Karma, and it’s pretty special. It starts off with drawn-out high pitched synth noises before drums enter, then a scream of “Lift the veil of this so-called reality” gets us started as we fly into a blitz of heavy metal epicness.

Screamed vocals are supported by heavy, driving guitar riffs, huge drums and a lingering sense of doom from synth noises in the background. The chorus sees a really cool low-tuned guitar riff accompanied by some really heavy drums, before we descend into darkness and a huge booming scream, and the song fades out with a random strings section. It’s dark and intense, with a whole host of terrifying vocals and awesome musical accompaniment going on – not bad for just one bloke on his own.

Kearney is currently in the process of vetting prospect musicians to join his project and, when it does play live, he’ll take on the role of frontman. You’ll soon be able to check out The Earthwalker Project’s debut single Karma on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc..

For now, keep up with the project on Facebook and Twitter, where Kearney has begun teasing clips of what we can expect upon the debut release.

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