Gig Review: SEASONS, Nineteen Fifty Eight, Cavalier & Oscar Corney at The Garage

Our former New Band of the Week SEASONS launched their new EP What Goes Around with a superb show at The Garage, in north east London, alongside a supporting cast of great new British bands on Friday night (November 18).

The evening was opened up by Cambridgeshire singer/songwriter Oscar Corney, who got us in the mood with an impressive acoustic set.

Next up was Guildford-based Cavalier, who oozed in character with their hugely enjoyable brand of punky rock, which they describe as ‘boybandpunx.’

The lead singer did his best to get the crowd going, beginning the show singing right next to me in the audience and repeatedly walking into the audience as he sang – which I liked a lot. He has a great voice which ranges from big high notes to being bassy and rocky in their big choruses, supported by some big guitar riffs and crashing, driving drums.

Their set was brought to an end with the excellent new single Come Home, which started slowly and gradually built into a big rock sound. Go and check out Lost For Now to get a taste of this exciting new band.

They were followed by Nineteen Fifty Eight, who are currently in the midst of a tour with SEASONS, which ends tonight in Basingstoke. The Swansea-based rockers led by vocalist Cer20161118_204549yn Sara were exceptional, with Sara’s delicate yet powerful vocals supported by some rocky guitar riffs and impressive drum work.

Second track Bones opened up with some big guitars, then dropped down for the verse and a musical interlude of massive drums and huge smashes of guitar. They followed that up with the superb Backbiting, which sees the band at their rockiest best.

Nineteen Fifty Eight signed out with It’s All You, in which the delicate side of Sara’s vocals hung over the blitz of rock going on behind her, and featured an awesome funky little off-beat guitar solo before the final rendition of the chorus. They were really fun to watch live and Sara’s voice is incredible, so check out their music and go see them live if you get the chance.

The headline act SEASONS were next up, entering the stage to some background noise and a few chants of “Seasons, Seasons” from the audience, then opened up with the awesome Empire, the lead single off new EP What Goes Around.

They continued the heavy start to the set with Rumours and one of the standout songs from the evening Fire, and the crowd was loving it. A little musical smash mid-way through Fire had the girls, and a few guys for that matter, throwing their long hair around in appreciation, while the little ‘wohahoh wohahoh’ vocals had everyone singing along.

20161118_212958-2Lead singer Grant Tuffs was sounding fantastic in the small venue and got the crowd engaged ahead of Seven Years by asking people to show their phone lights as the track started off slowly, before building into a big, singalong chorus which ended with Grant holding his microphone for the audience to take over.

Mid-way through the set the band and audience took part in the latest social sensation, the Mannequin Challenge, to raise money for Children In Need. See that here.

Then the excellent Last Words, from the new EP, began slowly with the awesome lyrics “Everytime you move on the dancefloor, honey, the universe just seems to move, with you” – which constantly seems to be stuck in my head – but soon launched into life with some big riffs and drums supporting Grant’s huge, yet delicate, vocals.

SEASONS finished off with Sailed Ships, which is the first song they ever released but was also potentially the heaviest track of the night, seeing the band go out in real style. But they were soon back for an encore, and rounded the night off with Rewind and Replay, from the new EP.

SEASONS were fantastic live, possibly heavier than they sound on their records and really fun to watch, along with superb support from some up-and-coming British rock bands. Their second EP What Goes Around is out now, so get your hands on it here and on Spotify, and read our review of it here. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Nineteen Fifty Eight are back in London again on Tuesday night (November 22) at The Borderline – which is one of my favourite venues – along with Wearing Scars, the awesome Brutai and Death Remains. You can also keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Cavalier are on the road next month, check out their tour dates here, and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Oscar Corney’s music is also well worth a listen on Spotify, and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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