Introducing: Breakdown Bros

It’s not very often you discover a new band that not only sound fantastic, but are so new that they’ve never played a live show. And it’s not very often you hear an awesome metalcore song about Pokémon Go.

However, German metal duo Breakdown Bros are not your regular metalcore band. The German duo has never played a live gig in their current guise, and describe themselves as simply two best friends making great songs. But in reality, what they’ve created is something much more exciting.

Breakdown Bros is formed of Timo Bonner, the lead singer of metalcore band Forever in Combat, and former bassist and backup vocalist of the same band, Manuel Möbs. Timo and Manuel remained friends following Manuel’s departure from the band and continued making music as Breakdown Bros, describing themselves as BNBF (best new band friendship).

Manuel told us: “We describe our music as ‘friends enjoying music.’ For us, what makes us unique is that it’s just us two. Best friends, that never argue and just produce good songs. Perfect!

“We don’t really have goals. We just enjoy being best friends and sharing the passion for music. We’ll both see what’s gonna come and definetely make the best for us two of it .”

But their music is so much more than how Manuel humbly describes it. 100,000 Lies is a superb metalcore track, with big, heavy verses led by darting guitar riffs and screamed vocals, followed by a melodic, singalong chorus – think the contrasts of Bury Tomorrow and you’re on the right lines.

A.I.M (Amazing Incredible Music – I love it) begins in a storm of dark metal with eerie synth noises in the background, it’s a much heavier track that ends with a spoken lyric “hey, lets break it down together” before smashing into a brutal guitar outro, another spoken lyric “Amazing Incredible Music,” then the song ends with a cow mooing. Obviously.

The final song available from the duo so far is the awesomely named Pokémon Go!, which is unlike anything else you’re likely to hear. It opens up with a retro sounding game noise followed by a scream of “Pokémon Gooooo” then a smashing wall of metal noise. Amongst the attack of guitar emerges a voice stating: “Dude, I’ve got a Pikachu, can you believe you can choose Pikachu as your fucking starter Pokémon,” to which the singer responds “Shut up, I want one too.”

We then move into an awesome melodic chorus, that features the awesomely unique lyrics: “I’m gonna be a hero for one day, and Google will watch me on my way, no matter how far I have to go, still I gotta catch ’em all. I’m gonna be a hero for one day, won’t you come outside and play, so Google knows where we both stay, there’s a PokeStop on our way.” Awesome, right? Check out the video, complete with the song’s unique lyrics below:

Manuel said: “We are not signed yet and never played live shows. It’s not that easy to accomplish all that being just two people – but we didn’t really try to get signed yet. We’re just happy to see, that through every new song, we are getting better, we can hear the change and progress. That’s what keeps us making and enjoying music – and we just hope to keep being able spending that great time together as Breakdown Bros and BNBF’s!”

Breakdown Bros have plenty more coming up, including a new song and music video arriving soon. They’re planning a debut album and want to start selling merch, so keep an eye out for plenty more in 2017.

You can follow Breakdown Bros on Facebook, watch their videos on Timo’s YouTube channel, and listen to them on Spotify.

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