Introducing: Show Me Your Universe

French rockers Show Me Your Universe may have found it difficult getting noticed in their musical homeland, but their wonderfully intense post-hardcore sound will have UK metal fans begging for more.

The lack of a strong rock and metal scene and the difficulty in finding like-minded musicians in France led to two of the band initially meeting online around 18 months ago. Since then they have released debut EP We’re All Sinners a few months ago, and seem set for great things in 2017.

The quintet of vocalist Jérémy Dubray, alongside guitarists Cyril Masset, Alexis Collas, drummer David Moreau and bassist Vivien Cheneveau hail from Tours, in central-west of France, and it’s safe to say they’ve not had an easy ride to get to where they are now.

We spoke to lead singer Jérémy this week to find out more, and he told us: “There’s only a little place for rock/metal music in France. Getting in touch with new contacts and structures is really hard at the beginning, when you know nobody and nowhere. The main stage is in Paris, and the international bands play regularly in Paris, but for the recently-born bands like us it is impossible.

“Then it’s a competitive panorama, a lot of bands constantly denigrate others. We still keep our distances from these ones. With a real work, you can find followers in France, I don’t think here is really harder than in other countries, but for sure I think this is not the easiest one.”

The good news for Jérémy is that he’ll find no denigration here. SMYU fuse massive vocals with intense, low-tuned guitars and periods of melodic harmony that are instantly blown wide open by blitzes of brutal metal.

“We are all in love with music, especially metal music. Each one of us has different influences and is open-minded, that’s how we work together. We love to share our music by playing on stage, shows and more.

“Being in a band and getting famous is the dream of every band, and surely is our dream too, but the main thing to do for us right now is to create something new, and something great. This is what got us involved in music, creating something we really love and sharing it with our public.”

And creating something great is exactly what they’ve achieved on We’re All Sinners, which the band based on the darker side of human behaviour. There’s elements of a wide range of musical styles, thanks to the band’s influence from the likes of Like Moths To Flames, Periphery, Monuments and Bring Me The Horizon.

The lead track We’re All Sinners kicks off with a cool little metal riff, followed by an opening verse of screamed lyrics and a melodic chorus, which ends with some nice, heavy guitar harmonies. Things get heavier as the song draws to an end, with the screaming intensifying and some huge, super-fast drums, before coming to a close with the rendition of the chorus.

Next up, Facing Mirror, eases in with an eerie quiet riff then kicks off with a huge scream and a jolty guitar riff, then launches full-pelt into a breakneck opening verse. The screaming is at maximum level throughout, supported by huge repeated drum rolls – you can only imagine how huge these guys must sound live.

The heaviness is ramped up a level further, if such a thing is possible, in My Serenade which, if you were wondering, is far from a serenade in the verses, but does become impressively melodic during the chorus – which soon gives way to an almighty blast of powerful metal, followed by a wild guitar solo.

Final track on the EP is Super Hero, which begins with a high-pitched solo supported by heavy, low-tuned guitars and ends in a huge drum solo. The standard full-on screamed verse continues, with more impressive drumming, followed by a cool, singalong chorus and flowing guitar chords. There’s a huge, headbanging guitar smash half-way through and the EP is brought to an end with an epic guitar solo. Check out the official video below:

Jérémy describes their music as ‘powerful, emotive and true,’ which are all very apt terminologies for their style, and he told us: “If something can especially define us, on a human level, this is our honesty and our involvement in music. Musically, we have a really special mix between the power, the melodies and atmospheres.”

Show Me Your Universe have a huge sound and combine some mind-blowing musicality, intensely massive drums and furious guitars with the scarily huge vocals of Jérémy Dubray. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this great new metal band.

You can follow Show Me Your Universe on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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