Introducing: Guillotine

There’s a refreshing and exciting air of mystery around Guillotine that has got us begging for more from this brand new band. The basics you need to know are: they have an awesome name, they’ve got a great new track you can – or rather have to – go and listen to right now, and they’re a hot new band that we think could be massive in 2017.

Guillotine have only been around as an official entity for a few weeks and so far they’ve only released one track, but what a song it is.

Sapphire opens up with a slow, repeated, reverbing guitar lick that’s soon joined by a drum beat and a quicker guitar riff, which drop out as the vocals kick in alongside the original guitar part.

A soft, slow verse is dominated by the vocals, with the lyrics ‘Hold on tight, Baby never let go, Sapphire eyes, In the moonlight glow.’ The singer’s voice intensifies as the drums and second riff return, then there’s a lull as the singer laments ‘but still I ache.’ The song then begins to build towards the second chorus, which is when it really kicks into life.

The second pre-chorus sees the singer’s voice get more intense as he sings the haunting words: ‘I still dream like I’m a child and I’m so terrified of you, And nothing’s changed I’m still so far away and letting go should be easy,’ supported by cymbal hits that suggest something big is coming. And it is, in the form of big guitar chords supporting the repeated line ‘but still I ache’ which builds into a beautifully gut-wrenching scream.

The post-chorus builds into another huge scream of ‘It’s inside of me’ and a repeat of the guitar chords on their own. The song closes out with repeated, almost spoken phrase that gradually build into almost screams of: ‘Take me back to Kissimmee, Where 23 was just a dream, I’ll keep your love in a bottle like I do your scent, I’m still finding strands of hair at the foot of my bed’ with the guitar chords supporting.

Sapphire is an infectively catchy track which, while its lyrics seem sad and lamenting, I’d defy you not to sing along with. The lyrics are awesome and it’s generally a great little track that I can’t get enough of. Watch the video for Sapphire below:

We spoke to the band this week and asked them for their insight into their music. They told us: “Guillotine has a lot to do with recovery, it was our reaction when looking for a way out of a place we didn’t want to be in. This record says ‘it’s OK to not feel OK but trust you won’t always feel that way, we’ll be OK here.’

“Honestly I can’t tell you what you’re going to find. In the past few weeks we’ve heard so many different things from people, which I guess means everyone’s taking something personal from it. If you dig any of it, we’d like to know.

“There’s nothing we’re doing you can’t do yourself; we wrote these songs in a bedroom, recorded it with our friend Hamish at Phoenix Sound, shot our own videos and artwork, and are releasing it through our mates’ label.”

When digging to find out more about Guillotine they told us: “We’re four people from no place in particular. If you know, you know. We each have personal reasons for being here, things that make us feel like we stick out.

“Some of us have known each other our entire lives, we’ve grown up watching the same bands or toured with the same friends. Some of us haven’t known each other all that long but we share those same experiences from different backgrounds.”

All in all this new band is absolutely fascinating, while the below tweet further intensifies the intrigue around them. So it’s safe to say we’re certainly looking forward to hearing more from them.

The band told us: “You’ll hear from us before Sapphire’s release in February and there will be plenty of opportunities to see us before then wherever you are.”

“After the release there’s a lot we’re not allowed to talk about but, since we put the video out, 2017 has suddenly become a very busy year.”

Guillotine will certainly be a band to keep an eye on in the New Year, and their debut EP Sapphire is due out on February 24th. You can pre-order it now here.

In the meantime, follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch with any updates.

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