Introducing: Andy J Gallagher

Having earned his musical stripes supporting the likes of Radiohead in his days with avant-Britpop band The Shopkeeper Appeared, Andy J Gallagher is now making strides with his solo career.

Fresh from exploring music around the world with Sparks guitarist Adrian Fisher, the singer / songwriter is set to deliver his most inspired writing to date with the launch of his second album EGO next year. The album has been produced by former The Damned guitarist and keys player Roman Jugg, who declared Gallagher “a lyrical genius” after hearing his demos.

Gallagher’s music is raw, energetic and full of personality, reflecting his focus on real world people living in a wayward generation. He’s just released two tracks from the upcoming album, Because We Are and Sheena’s Big Night Out, which promise something special when the full-length record arrives.

Lead track Sheena’s Big Night Out feels almost Arctic Monkeys-like in its lyrical delivery. It kicks off with jaunty guitar chords and a rocky drumbeat that feed into a quick first verse. An upbeat, catchy chorus follows, supported by atmospheric backing vocals, followed by some fun vocals in the post-chorus. It ends with a huge drum roll that feeds into one final rendition of the chorus.

The support song Because We Are is a fun, upbeat punk-pop track. It opens up Beatles-esque ascending off-key vocal calls before launching into a funky guitar riff that continues for the majority of the song.

These two tracks are  hugely enjoyable, combining gritty and witty in equal measure and we’re looking forward to hearing more from Andy ahead of the release of the EGO next year.


If you like the sound of this, you can listen to Because We Are here and Sheena’s Big Night Out here.

To stay in touch with Andy follow him on Twitter.

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