Introducing & EP Review: Dead Frequency – Tough Tracks and Setbacks

East Midlands trio Dead Frequency are a welcome throwback to the upbeat punk rock of the late 90s. It’s therefore no surprise to learn they’ve drawn influence from the likes of punk legends Green Day, Nofx and Sum41 through to The Offspring, Bad Religion, Kiss and Rush.

The trio’s fun, melodic, upbeat brand of punk rock has led to the release of debut EP Tough Tracks and Setbacks.

The band enjoyed a great 2016 in the build-up to the launch of the EP, so we spoke to lead singer Matti Fantasi to find out more and first up asked him about the reception they’ve received to the release and to describe the Dead Frequency sound.

Matti said: “We’ve had a great response to the tracks when we’ve been playing them live and we’ve had great feedback from everyone who has already purchased the EP. We have already nearly sold out of the first run of CD’s, so all is positive at the moment.

“If people haven’t heard us before they can expect to hear traditional songwriting with elements of pop punk, punk and glam all rolled into one. Being the lyricist I simply write from my own personal experiences in my life, things I am going through be it good or bad. I try not to force out lyrics as you can definitely tell the difference between something that is forced and something that is natural.”

The EP kicks off with lead single Nobody’s Listening, which opens with all three members of the band singing a capella vocals followed by a cool little guitar solo. A punky verse follows with palm muted guitar chords then a catchy chorus, which is followed by a verse supported by cool little guitar licks then more muted chords. Check out the official video below:

That’s followed by The Devils Dream, which opens with a little guitar riff which continues as a heavy . This is much more punky, with big drum rolls and a singalong chorus supported by the lead riff, and a delicious punk solo. The build up to the final rendition of the chorus is superbly infectious and you can’t help but get into this catchy punk track.

Time For Saying Sorry kicks off with a punky guitar riff, bass response and then dives into a fun little musical intro. The verse has fun backing lyrics and it’s generally a catchy, engaging pop-punk track, including a cool little guitar riff that leads into a slow, building section that launches into a cool key change then a few final renditions of the chorus.

The EP comes to an end with the hugely enjoyable Everything Will Be Alright. It jumps in with a cool solo that leads into a verse supported by guitars that gradually build from a long note, into palm muted chords, into heavy punk chords as the song bursts into life. The chorus ends of ‘I’m gonna be the one to tell you everything will be alright’ followed by a fun burst of ‘nah nah nah nah nah.’

This is a great little feel-good, foot-tapping, head-bouncing EP which is a must for any pop-punk lovers out there. And, as Matti tells us, the launch of the record topped off a superb year for the band, which included plenty of time on the road.

Matti told us: “We’ve had a great year and we reached all of our targets we set for the band at the start of the year. Highlights were finally releasing a new EP and video, supporting Stiff Little Fingers, three independent tours booked and run completely on our own and being part of a pretty awesome festival circuit throughout the Summer.”

Looking ahead to next year, Dead Frequency plan to make music videos for the three remaining songs on the EP, may be releasing more new music and plan to gig continuously across the country.

Follow Dead Frequency on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The band is on the road in Wellingborough and Watford later this month, more info on these gigs is here.

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