New Band of the Week: The Final Clause of Tacitus

This week’s New Band of the Week is one of the most exciting new bands I’ve had the joy of bringing you. Berkshire-based quartet The Final Clause of Tacitus not only have an amazing band name, they also make fantastic rap-meets-rock that I can’t help but hope is Britain’s answer to Rage Against The Machine.

Lead singer Matt spits out screams and rapped vocals that are supplemented by wonderful fat riffs, big basslines and blitzing solos that carry overtones of the likes of one of my favourite bands of all time (hed)P.E. and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The four-piece will release debut EP Peace in Chaos on February 24th, and their introductory offering is something pretty special. So we spoke to Matt this week to find out more about the band and get a taste for what’s to come. We started off by asking if they’d be willing to reveal the secret behind the band’s name, which he quickly poured cold water on.

Matt said: “You are right, we won’t tell you. Be sure to realise, though, that we are saving you from a lecture by Tom (lead guitar and vocals) about Roman history so I hope that is a small consolation for you and your readers. Some things are better left unknown and we all decided this is a perfect example!”

The quartet first got together last February and have gone from strength to strength in the 12 months since. Matt said: “Everything about this band has just fit together and progressed at a crazy speed. This, though, is the very reason why I love TFCOT and music in general – we started out at a run and we are only getting quicker. It’s a thrill!”

Peace in Chaos kicks off with 7 Years, which begins with a funky riff, a cry of “Get up!” then the riff kicks in with some fat bass and leads into a rap verse that includes the lyric “You can’t deny the style and we’re bringing back the funk.” The chorus brings us even more funk, literally, while the long guitar riffs build the suspense through the verses, which is relieved by the fast-paced, bass-heavy choruses. The song rounds out with a big guitar solo over a repeating funky guitar riff, then a reprieve of the long guitar notes under Matt spitting it Zach De La Rocca style – it’s awesome.

Lead single Give Them Blood begins with a slow, clean riff which is joined by lyrics that become increasingly intense added to some big atmospheric drum rolls. The pace soon picks up as we launch into a rapped verse, which gives way to a frankly awesome chorus that made the hairs on my arms stand up the first time I heard it. A musical relaxation is in due, but soon descends into madness with some insane guitar solos and a final rendition of the chorus. You can get hold of this single next Friday,

Fifth track Your Next Click leaps into a big, fast-paced guitar solo from the off, then fast palm-muted guitar through a rapped verse and funky riffs through the chorus. A bass chillout follows, then a RATM-esque riff and it winds down in fitting style with a huge guitar solo.

Peace in Chaos is chocked full of funky riffs, great rap-rock vocals, awesome solos, big fat bass and it’s generally absolutely amazing, and a very exciting debut effort.

Matt told us: “We got told by quite a few people that we reminded them of why they got excited about rock music in the first place, which, for us there is no greater compliment. To see people completely lose themselves and go crazy at our gigs, is just the best! That is what this EP is about.”


“It might sound a bit egotistical, but, we do, I guess (see ourselves as unique). We love performing live for people and we give it our all. I think the reason we have grown so much in under a year is that we have such an energetic live show with energetic music to go with it. People love that we rock out hard and have a good time on stage and we get told that it is so good to see a band that doesn’t hold back.”


The band will be plugging the debut EP through 2017 and want as many ears as possible to hear the record as they gig up and down the UK.

So, in the words of the Tacitus boys themselves, say no to the everyday norm and remember why music excited you all over again, and let’s get funked up! Peace in Chaos is out on February 24th, and I promise you’re going to want to get your hands on it when it’s out.

Keep up with The Final Clause of Tacitus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you can hear a few of their tracks on Soundcloud.

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