Introducing: Brightlight City

A lot of bands will tell you they’re built on friendship and brotherhood, but Surrey rockers Brightlight City probably have a better claim to this than most. Not only are they headed up by the vocalist double act of brothers Jamie and Justin Giarraputo, who also plays guitar, but lead guitarist Jono Staunton is Jamie’s best friend with the two having known each other almost since birth.

The band, completed by Tom Stock (bass and vocals) and Ben Bell (drums), has already earned its stripes playing alongside the likes of Rise Against and Millencolin. But it seems the best may yet be to come with promise of a more punky sound on upcoming EP Our Future’s Not Dead, which is out in April.

In the words of guitarist Jono: “Expect big choruses, big melodies and big vibes. The new direction is slightly more punk orientated, dynamic and abrasive.”

The EP was produced by the legendary Matt Hyde, of Slipknot, Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine fame no less. Jono told us: “Matt has been a breath of fresh air and a true gent to work with. We tracked this EP differently to our previous efforts, which allowed us to spend more time on the finer points of the song structures. I feel Matt gave us the confidence to enhance our sound to a greater degree.

“Before we worked with Matt, he came to see us live a few times. This really helped with him developing an idea of how to capture the instrumentation and vocals of the tracks. He seems to get everything just right.”

Most recent single, Thieves, is a catchy rock track, with punky riffs and the infective repeated lyrics ‘take me to the gallows, swinging there.’ But the upcoming EP is likely to have a more punky edge than we’ve previously seen from them

Jono describes their music as “raw, honest and ebullient, and all about the feels,” while they draw influence from all manner of punk meets rock, from the likes of Thrice, At The Drive-In and Deftones to Refused, Biffy Clyro, The Cure and My Vitriol, so expect anything.

Jono said: “I feel that we were very lucky to have grown up in an era that spawned so many classic bands and albums, from Nirvana’s Nevermind to Bad Religion’s Stranger Than Fiction. You just wanted to be part of it as it was an exciting time in those particular genres of music.

“I think we just try and write songs that capture a feeling or a sentiment reflective of our experiences within the realms of cultural and social capital. As stated earlier, we try and be less obvious with how we articulate this and maybe that is our uniqueness. You have to dig for the answers, or the questions, or the meaning but ultimately its all down to the interpretation of the story being told.

“Apart from the satisfaction that comes with being creative, social discourse, questions of morality and the ugly traits of human behaviour are key themes we embed in a less-than obvious way through the music we write.”

The band plays at Canterbury’s The Ballroom on Thursday night, then the Finsborough Arms in Kensington on Saturday. Further dates follow in February, followed by a gig with our former New Band of the Week High Rise at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston on March 3rd. More information on all these gigs is here.

You can follow Brightlight City on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and listen to their music in the usual places.

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