New Band of the Week: Chapter and Verse

East London rockers Chapter And Verse only released their first song in April, but they sold out their first ever show in two weeks and already look set to take the UK rock scene by storm in 2017.

Debut EP The Wolves Back Home is a raw blast of massive riffs and addictively piercing vocals that have earned the band rave reviews, and they have an exciting follow-up to come later this year.

Discussing the debut EP, lead singer Josh Carter told us: “Yeah it’s been nuts! So much has happened since we released it, it’s insane. We just decided with the first EP to write five songs that we thought were cool, so there were no preconceptions of who might like it. It’s been fascinating to read and hear peoples’ thoughts and immensely gratifying to know that people dig it!”

Josh knows guitarist Darren Gosling and bassist Jonny Hopword since the trio played in another band together for several years. He tells us: “After that band came to a close we felt at a bit of a loss; we all felt like we’d lost our direction in life and had to rethink everything. So we started this and Ash (Morton, drummer) fell into our lap at the perfect time.

“He was also going through some mega life changes and was searching for a new lease of life. I keep saying it feels like it was meant to happen and everyone takes the piss, but I stand by it. This band had to happen and now we have a point to prove.”

And prove a point they certainly did on The Wolves Back Home. Josh’s distinctive vocals are emotive yet powerful, as perfectly proven by The New Breed, the heavy opening track from the EP. There’s huge riffs, followed by moments of calm, delicious vocal delivery and brilliant lyrics – including the awesome line “there’s no space for foul mouthed preachers on hollow ground.” The calm is smashed open by launching into a huge rocking chorus, the second of which is followed by two screams of “We’ve gotta have faith in the new breed,” then a massive rocky instrumental smash-up. Check it out in the video below:

The five track EP is packed with brilliant songs, including the rocking, emotional Shelf Life. I love the lyric “I’ve been selling out my friends for lifetimes, they let me down even when they found, I was holding on to them for lifelines.” There’s some intense vocals, followed by a tense, building verse and some trademark huge rocky riffs. Check it out in the video below:

The outstanding Electric Tongues is one of the most delicious rock songs you’ll hear (despite, I think, it being about a one night stand), building from a slow start into a great winding solo and crescendoing into a full-on rock out. And it’s followed by catchy final track Slaves, which jumps in with a fast intro followed by a laid-back chorus and some awesome flowing guitar riffs and an extended high-pitched solo. It’s a superb ending to a wonderful debut effort.

Chapter and Verse have been influenced by a wide range of bands, from Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie, Circa Survive and Paramore through to Norma Jean, Closure in Moscow and Devil Sold His Soul. But their inspiration tends to come from bands’ attitudes and choices in their writing than their actual sound – for example, Josh tells us he’s influenced by Converge’s attitude to their art but they sound nothing like them.

When asked how he’d describe the band’s sound, Josh told us: “Like a passionfruit juice drink that someone asks you not to drink but you’re totally uncompromising so you’re like ‘fuck off mate’ and you down it. Just like that.

The debut EP will be followed up with number two in the next few months, and has been produced by Neil Kennedy, who’s also worked with Creeper, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth, which promises to push the boundaries even further.

Josh explained: “We made some ambitious decisions on the first EP but this one’s taking a huge step further. For this one we worked really closely with Neil and he really made us push ourselves to explore our sound.

“It’s a cathartic exercise for us so when the mood strikes we’ll write a shit load. This next EP talks about me trying to better myself as a person through lots of different aspects of my life. Sorting my shit out has been the main theme for the one that’s about to come haha. Personally I had a load of stuff that I felt like I needed to get off my chest and it’s made these five songs feel important. That’s all you’re getting for now!”

I’m very excited about the band’s second EP, as the debut is such a good introduction to this great new band. They fuse outstanding lyrics and vocals with huge rocking guitar riffs and moments of emotive brilliance, and you can only imagine how good they are live. Luckily, you can see them for yourself on tour with Empire in March and tickets are on sale now. In Josh’s words: “That (tour)’s going to be killer. Other than that, it’s eyes peeled for the next release. We’re only just getting started.”

You can follow Chapter and Verse on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, buy their debut EP here and listen to it in the usual places.

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