Introducing: Those Who Knew

The Internet is a weird and wonderful thing which, among its plentiful positives and negatives, excels in bringing like-minded people together – and Derbyshire rockers Those Who Knew are testament to exactly that.

Drummer Emily brought the band together by advertising on sites like Join My Band, through which she found Danny Peet, the lead guitarist and brainchild of the band. The two of them then set about their mission of creating high-energy and alternative rock music. Emily knew rhythm guitarist Jordan from a former band – which was also formed online – and a band was soon formed.

All was going well until their original lead singer announced he was moving to Australia, at which point Emily found an amusing advert online for a ‘karaoke singer’ who’d never been in a band before. The band took a risk, tried him out and – despite dubiously turning up to his first rehearsal with a tiny karaoke mic and completely the wrong cable – they were blown away by his voice and invited Danny Graves into the mix. Six months later they added bassist Joe and began to forge their own sound.

Jordan told us: “With a new singer, it gave us the perfect opportunity to develop our original material, with his strong, unique vocals leading our music to a more melodious place. With our strong instrumental group, we knew that the addition of a great vocalist was what could really push us forward as an original band.

“Most of us already had experience of performing and writing music, whether in a band or in other situations. We all joined Those Who Knew with hopes to be able to create music that our audiences love just as much as we do.”

The band released debut single Losing Touch a couple of months ago and will release their debut EP New Perspective on April 28. The single was written by Danny and recorded with Matt O’Grady, who’s worked with the likes of You Me At Six, Deaf Havana and Don Broco.

The track is good old pop-punk at its catchy best, with Danny’s impressive vocals taking centre stage amid some punky guitar chords and punky riffs. It kicks off with a reverb sound before jumping straight into an opening verse with a fast-moving guitar riff and backing chords. The chorus is really catchy, especially the “Say eh-hey-eh” vocals, the verses are nice and fast-paced, and it’s generally a fun listen.

A big high note from Danny leads into a cool guitar solo before drawn-out vocals before the instruments drop out, leaving him to sing a higher-pitched version of the chorus. Then a big drum roll leads into one final, bigger rendition of the chorus showing the impressive range of vocals at their disposal. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Jordan told us: “The song is a pop-rock song with a catchy melody. The lyrics relate to a relationship which is at a breaking point, and our protagonist recognises this. He is saying that he is willing to give the relationship everything, but it will only work if his counterpart does the same.

“Our songs come, as a whole, from our love for music! I think the topics really just relate to our experiences as individuals and as a band, and this is why the lyrical content can attract the listener on a relate-able level.”

The four-track debut EP New Perspective will be released on April 28, and is available for pre-order now on iTunes. In Jordan’s words it will: “Really present the diversity of the band’s style, and will have a bit of something for everyone, with the tracks being catchy enough to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.”

The band also has plans to play a lot more gigs across the country through 2017, including Glastonbudget in May.

You can follow Those Who Knew on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and get hold of their music on iTunes.

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