Introducing: Miseria

Sweden has a strong legacy of producing some awesome metal bands. The likes of In Flames and Meshuggah, to name but two, have flown the flag in years gone by, but Gothenburg’s Miseria are part of a whole host of exciting bands emerging from the Scandinavian nation.

The five-piece of Alexander Buhaj (vocals), Johan Olsson and Andre Ranehag (guitars), Herman Singh (drums) and recently added bass player Adam Dahlman, only started as a full band about six months ago. But they’ve already released debut single Dead Inside and its follow-up Trapped, which suggest great things lie ahead for this band.

Johan tells us: “Trapped is the first song we ever wrote. Me and Alexander wrote that song about a year and a half ago, when we were the only members of the band, and our goal with that was to create something that was groovy and pretty much ‘in your face.’

“The songwriting comes from all of us, but I have to say that Alexander is a magician when it comes to songwriting. We all have a burning passion for music so this is band is a huge part of all of us.”

Debut single Dead Inside opens up with a haunting strings intro, then a drawn out guitar solo with big chunky guitar chords and drums supporting. Alexander’s big, fast-paced vocals dive in with a cool guitar riff, then the earlier guitars return for a slower chorus. The second chorus is concluded with a huge scream and gradually building guitars, a mini-drum roll then a big smash of noise and huge screamed vocals. It ends with eerie quiet and synth noises supporting Alexander’s spoken vocals that build into a scream as he says “Take me to a place far away, give me something that cures my pain, take me to a place far away, I need something that cures my pain,” which make you think something huge is about to happen, but actually brings a near six-minute rollercoaster of heavy metalcore to an end.

Trapped is much heavier and faster from the off, launching into a huge metal blitz of big chords and jumpy riffs that makes me think of Parkway Drive. There’s a mini-instrumental build-up to the opening verse with heavy palm-muted chords and loads of cymbals before Alexander’s huge vocals leads a big, fast-paced opening verse with in the ilk of his Australian counterpart Winston McCall. It flows straight into a chorus of cool, cleaner guitar riffs and more big vocals before a moment of pause gives Alexander breath to smash into the fast-paced verse again. There’s another drop in pace, as Alexander launches into a Slipknot-esque almost spoken rant before giving away to a huge guitar chord-led instrumental blast before one more burst of huge vocals which ends with the scream of “No-one can save me, no-one can save my soul.”

You may have gathered that, while Miseria sound fantastic, they’re not exactly covering the happiest of topics – indeed, Johan describes their music as “emotional, heavy and angry.”

He explained: “Our topics and theme would be pretty much misery and depression. Alexander stands for all the lyrics and he just write the lyrics to clear his head and use the pen and paper as a sort of therapy. That’s why we are called Miseria.

“Our sound as of the two songs we’ve got out now would be a metalcore meets nu-metal-ish sound. It’s up to the listener to tell! But the new songs we are about to record are way more powerful and melodic, so we really look forward to releasing them!

To see more from lead singer Alexander and his superb metal voice check out his videos on YouTube, particularly this cover of Parkway Drive’s Crushed.

There’s a lot to come from Miseria in 2017, with new songs, videos, live shows and plenty of hard work as they aim to create something that stands out from the crowd. The band has a superb metalcore sound which absolutely achieves their goal of being ‘in your face,’ but also means they could be one of the hottest new acts on the metal scene this year.

We can’t wait to hear more from this really exciting Swedish band.

You can follow Miseria on Facebook and Twitter.

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