Single Review: Taking Names – Say Anything

Norwegian rockers Taking Names are a fun throwback to the good old pop-punk heyday of the likes of Blink-182 and co.

The band, from the city of Bergen, enjoyed great success in their homeland last year, including making it to Årets Urørt, the national final for unsigned artists hosted by the biggest Norwegian radio station NRK P3. They’re now looking to capitalise on that momentum and are all set to take the UK by storm with the release of new EP Trap City later this month.

The first track from that EP is Say Anything, a catchy pop-punk track with high-pitched lyrics, fast-paced guitar riffs and a general feel-good vibe. It opens up a mini drum roll and a guitar slide and funky punk guitar riff, then the first verse sees vocals supported by only drums, a return of the guitar riff, and then muted guitars come in to support the vocals.

The chorus is classic pop-punk with big singalong vocals and driving drums, followed by the fun guitar riff. Then a slight pause and another slide, before building up to a high-pitched guitar solo leads into a final rendition of the chorus. Check it out for yourself below:

The five-track EP Trap City is due out on 24 February, and if you want to get a taste for the band before then check out their previous two EPs on Spotify.

You can also follow Taking Names on Facebook and Twitter.

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