New Band of the Week: The Klares

If you were of a certain age back in 2006 then you’ll remember with fondness the impact that four largely unknown 20-year-old guys from Sheffield made on the music industry with their debut album.

Over a decade later history could be set to repeat itself with the emergence of Irish rockers The Klares. The quartet of Andy Burke (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Eoin O’Shea (lead guitar), Jordan Lawless (bass) and Cormac Sheridan (drums) freely admit that Arctic Monkeys are one of their biggest musical influences, and it’s easy to make the link to them being Ireland’s answer to Alex Turner and co.

It’s not just their style of music that’s getting people talking about this band, the hopes of their nation’s musical future is seemingly being put on their shoulders – having already been acclaimed as “the first Irish band in a generation to actually get excited about.” No pressure then lads. We had a chat with the band this week and asked them if the perceived dearth of Irish musical talent is being overestimated.

Cormac said: “To be honest, I don’t think so. There is a lot of potential our there but a lot of bands are trying to emulate the likes of The 1975 and Glass Animals, which doesn’t really set them apart from each other.”

Andy adds: “I think there are some good bands out there but they can be hard to find. The Irish rock scene is still alive and well and there’s tons of bands we’ve played with who’ve been really good.”

And Eoin sums it up succinctly, saying: “There aren’t too many up and coming bands around now in Ireland that I feel are much better than us.”

But it’s not just Ireland where there aren’t too many up and coming bands better than The Klares. All four members of the band are just 19-years-old and, having jammed together since realising their collective love for music at a school music concert, they’ve honed a superb sound that is equally as engaging as the classic early Arctic Monkeys tracks.

They’ve today released new single Gooie, which oozes of the catchy, singalong tracks that get stuck in your head that their Sheffield-based idols have become famed for.

The track kicks off with a burst of high-pitched palm-muted guitar and some fast-paced guitar chords that are soon joined by a funky, fluctuating guitar lick over the top. The guitars suddenly drop out and we’re introduced to Andy’s Turner-esque storytelling vocals with just drums for support. The guitar chords return and the song builds, only to unexpectedly drop into a moment of quiet calm that builds into a big chorus.

The chorus flows into a faster-paced verse with a big fat bass support, soon joined by the jaunty guitar chords. The song concludes with a cool extended guitar solo, which continues through the final rendition of the chorus, then a slow a capella ending with Andy lamenting: “Although you made it all up, she said you’re just not good enough, but it’s nothing to go fall out about.” Check it out in the stream below:

Previous release Black Huarache opens up with fast-paced guitar chords and a lone funky guitar riff which is soon joined by guitar and bass imitating the tune. The Arctic Monkeys parallel is undeniable, but its a great, fun track with awesome riffs and singalong lyrics throughout.

Their debut EP Cookoo is also well worth a listen. Opening title track Cookoo is a wonderful song, particularly the fun rocky outro and infectious guitar riff that I defy anyone not to sing along to. Check it out for yourself in the video below and give them a listen on Spotify.

The Klares have to be one of the most exciting bands around, who should not only put Irish music back on the map again but also give us all a new favourite band. Their music is effortlessly cool and catchy with great lyrics and guitar riffs aplenty.

2017 should be an exciting year for the Dubliners, with gigs, new songs and a possible tour in England – and they tell us they have “loads of songs in the locker.” So stay tuned for more on that, because this is a band you’ll want to see them when they make it over to our shores.

You can follow The Klares on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and get hold of Gooie here.


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