New Band of the Week: Arkdown

We’re taking the heaviness up to maximum with this week’s New Band of the Week, as we introduce you to brutally brilliant Sheffield metalcore / deathcore band Arkdown.

The quintet of vocalist Kyle Dawson, drummer Alex Roberts, bassist Ed Morley and guitarists Mike Dyson and Ben Freestone have taken influence from the likes of Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying and Bury Tomorrow and forged their own melodic yet heavy riff-based sound. The band’s unique twist strays away from the typically clean vocals of metalcore and developed a heavier delivery that borders on melodic deathcore, with vocals that are anything but clean.

Last year saw the release of debut EP Paths, followed by supporting the likes of Fit For An Autopsy and Martyr Defiled – and the band is now set to ramp it up by hitting venues across the UK this year. But they’re starting the year with the release of latest single In Torment, which deals with one of Britain’s last taboos – the everyday battle faced by people suffering with mental health problems, specifically social anxiety and depression. It focuses on lead singer Kyle’s own dealings with these issues and his journey in overcoming them.

Kyle told us: “I’ve touched on the subject matter of the song during the shows we’ve performed In Torment and the responses I’ve had from people speaking to me about it afterwards has been amazing because of the positivity that it’s drawn out of them about such a taboo subject. So many people’s lives have been affected by the silent suffering brought on by the likes of social anxiety and depression but hearing someone sing about how they’re not alone in that battle and that things can get better forges hope in people.”

As well as tackling this difficult subject, the song demonstrates Arkdown’s progression since the release of Paths, which will be followed up by their second EP later this year. It opens with a hugely reverbed guitar riff which is soon joined by drums and heavier, hugely low-tuned guitar chords before Kyle’s brutal vocals kick in.

The chorus sees Kyle’s huge vocals supported by a blitz of guitar riffs, and ends with a huge scream of “Get the fuck away from me!” There’s a really cool call and answer section between drums and guitar before a massively heavy guitar chord breakdown, followed by a big instrumental interlude that feeds into a brutal vocal ending. This track is absolutely huge, with insane vocals and really fun guitar and drum rock-outs throughout.

Check it out in the video, which has already had great feedback on YouTube, below:

Paths is available on Bandcamp and an official YouTube stream, and opens up with awesome instrumental track Tsujigiri, which is basically one long amazing guitar solo with crashing cymbals and drum rolls throughout. A huge scream then leads us into the huge End of Days, with big guitar riffs and huge bursts of powerchord supporting Kyle’s massive vocals, and closes on an awesome guitar solo.

Also on the EP is the impressive Corruption, which opens with a cool guitar riff and almost haunting driving drums and insane smashes of cymbal before Kyle’s screamed vocals come in. The massive bass drum action, huge low-tuned guitars and really catchy riffs define the awesome Arkdown sound.

If you like your metal big and powerful, with fun guitar solos and riffs and huge drums then Arkdown are absolutely the band for you, and they’re set to be a force to be reckoned with on the British metal scene.

In Torment is out on 27 March and will be available in all the usual places.

You can follow Arkdown on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter.

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