New Band of the Week: Our Hollow, Our Home

This week’s New Band of the Week is one of the most exciting, powerful yet melodically proficient bands on the UK metal scene. Southampton has once again produced another outstanding band in the form of Our Hollow, Our Home, who follow in the footsteps of Bury Tomorrow in perfectly combining full-on brutal metal with moments of catchy melody.

The five-piece of vocalist Connor Hallisey, Tobias Young (guitar and vocals), Josh White (guitar), Bobby Brooks (bass) and Nick Taliadoros (drums) released their debut album Hartsick on Friday – and it is superb.

We spoke to vocalist Connor last week and asked him what we should expect from their debut full-length offering. He said: “We could not be more stoked about it! We have put unfathomable amounts of hard work and effort into this project, we haven’t cut any corners along the way, and I think this album will show the world the bare bones of who we are as a band and about what we have set out to achieve.

“One thing is for sure, we don’t pretend to be anything we aren’t, and in a genre as oversaturated as metalcore we think it’s important to accept that. We know we aren’t creating ground-breaking music, but we do feel we put our unique spin on it and everything we write is filled with passion and genuine love of our craft.

“To sum it up for somebody who’s never heard our sound before, I think we mix a solid blend of melody and heaviness with a lot of atmosphere and sing a long moments thrown in for good measure.”

Connor’s words pretty much hit the nail on the head. There’s big, melodic choruses aplenty, alongside huge chilling screams, big guitar riffs and massive drums in support.

Hartsick opens up with the gradually building The Sea Will Sleep, which closes out with a few huge screams and booming guitar chords, before giving way to the excellent Loneshark. Clean vocals open up with some funky guitar riffs then big screams take the fore and lead into a blitz of awesome guitar riffs.

Throne to the Wolves drops the pace a little with a piano intro that eventually gives away to a big guitar riff and singalong melodic opening verse, but the heaviness soon returns with big screams and some huge guitars, before a melodic return. The piano returns as the track builds up to a typically huge ending.

Next up, the relentless Worms Wood sees OHOH at their brilliant heaviest best. It kicks off at breakneck speed with high-pitched guitars then big fast riffs supporting huge cries of “Preacher, preacher, lend me your ear.” The melodic retort is equally excellent, with the hugely catchy, singalong lyrics “Just forget, everything you’ve been told, Take a page outta my book let your story unfold, And find something to believe in (Believe in me).” The song fleets between the two contrasts, with several repeats of the hugely enjoyable melodic chorus. Check out the video below:

The album continues with awesome singalong melodic sections contrasting brutal bursts of pure metal madness, including the huge ending to Feast for the Crows and the savagely heavy breakdowns in Karmadillo.

The album just keeps on giving us more great tracks to enjoy, including the excellent Web Weaver and frantic, wild bass drum-heavy closing track Fox Blood. And just to showcase the diversity, there’s a bonus track in the form of an acoustic version of Throne to the Wolves.

The contrast in style of OHOH isn’t just in the sound of the music. Connor tells us: “I think lyrically Toby and I like to write in a call and response format quite a lot, or from two separate perspectives commenting on one specific issue. We find this works best for us as it’s quite rare we will completely agree on sides of a topic, and feel it adds a dynamic not a lot of other bands use, and allows the listener to interpret the words in our songs how they see fit.”

Our Hollow, Our Home are one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming metal bands, fusing their heavy sound with moments of catchy melodic excellence – just when you forget you’re listening to a big metalcore band there’s a huge scream to shock you out of it.

2017 promises much for this band, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see them for yourself, kicking off a UK tour at 229 The Venue in London, on March 24th. When asked about their plans, Connor said: “TOUR TOUR TOUR! In all seriousness, we felt we neglected the touring aspect of being in a band last year as we were so focused with working on the album. This year we are hoping to hit up as many countries, shows, festivals as possible for an unsigned band with no funding other than our own personal incomes.”

So get out there and support this awesome unsigned band. You can follow Our Hollow, Our Home on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

When you do follow them on Facebook, you’ll notice the guys have somewhat for a penchant for gaming. Connor said: “A couple of the guys have started doing a weekly Twitch live stream where they’ll just be doing what we do when we aren’t playing or writing music, which is playing video games and verbally abusing each other! We are a pretty mixed bunch of dudes, Josh is an alternative DJ in his spare time, I’m super into my hip hop and will spend hours searching SoundCloud for new music, but if we aren’t doing any of that stuff we are probably working our 9-5s. We all work a lot to afford to do what we do as we are still very much an independent artist and have to put in the work in order to keep it going.”

Get your hands on Hartsick here, and check out OHOH’s tour dates here.

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