New Band of the Week: Veridian

The Berkshire town of Reading seems to be emerging as a hotbed for awesome new bands, with the latest off its conveyor belt being six-piece rockers Veridian. Having only played their debut gig a year ago, the band has already enjoyed huge success with their brand of ridiculously catchy rock.

Veridian was formed after members of two separate bands met on the live music scene, demoed together for a while and finally agreed to start collaborating. We asked the band to summarise their sound for anyone who hasn’t listened to them before.

They told us: “Huge! We don’t hold back. We’ve a hell of a lot of complex instrumentation going on, big harmonies and hooks that will get stuck in your head for weeks.”

They’re not wrong, Veridian has that uncanny knack of making songs that you find yourself singing for days. Their sound is hard to pin down with shifts from light catchy rock to a much heavier feel from song to song, based on the few tracks we’ve heard from them thus far.

Latest single Sleep A Little Better, released last week, begins with a deliciously infectious opening verse with clean guitar chords in support, followed by lone vocals and piano as the track gradually builds. A singalong chorus follows which really kicks the song to life, then a much heavier repeat of the verse.

That extra heaviness is evident in the first Veridian track released, Refuse To Feel. It kicks off with a nice little guitar riff that’s joined by a really catchy vocal line, which is echoed by the guitars, before a big chorus that highlight the awesome vocals. But the heaviness levels are ramped up with a big burst of distorted guitar, showing the awesome flexibility of this band.

But to hear Veridian at their finest you have to listen to One Day. This delicious track again shows off their powerful vocals and catchy hooks, but it’s certainly their most rounded and polished effort to date.  Check it out in the video below:

The band told us: “We enjoy our fans’ interpretations of what each song means to them. We’ve had fans make their own lyric videos and even one named a sonnet she wrote after our track One Day. We’re influenced by a wide range of themes and topics but really like to leave everything open for what the listener interprets in the song and how it can help them with their lives, even just by adding a slice of enjoyment from new music.”

The band wraps up a tour with Evarose in London this evening so get yourself along to the O2 Academy 2 in Islington. The band told us: “People can expect a full on blinder of a show. This is the biggest we’ve ever been able to make our shows.”

And there’s much more to come from these guys this year. The band told us: “Certainly new music on the horizon, coming sooner than you think. We’re looking to tour a lot more and have already got some festivals confirmed for the summer!”

Veridian should be set for big things, Jackman’s vocals are powerfully catchy, along with their catchy riffs, and they mix things up wonderfully from song to song.

You can follow Veridian on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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