Introducing: Young Earth

Irish rock music is well overdue a renaissance and with bands like Dublin’s Young Earth, and our recent New Band of The Week The Klares, it appears a new generation is breathing life into the country’s music scene.

Young Earth, which comprises Mark O’Keeffe (vocals and guitar), Ben Mulligan (drums), Alex O’Keeffe (guitar) and Dylan Maher (bass) have only been together in their current lineup since the addition of Alex and Dylan a few months ago. They formed at music college BIMM Dublin, which was founded in 2011 and the band claims is playing a part in the growing Irish music scene.

We spoke to songwriter and vocalist Mark to find out more. He told us: “The Irish music scene is in an amazing place at the moment, it’s exploded since BIMM Dublin started, with a huge diversity in sounds. There’s some really good rock and indie bands too, The Clockworks, The Academic, Otherkin and loads more that we’re big fans of. There’s a good amount of support too – you’re never really short of a gig somewhere!”

The band has just released new single Got A Secret, of which Mark tells us: “When it was written it came from a very angry and aggressive place – but a few years on since its conception I feel it’s more of a statement of intent. It’s probably our heaviest song and pulls a bit back from the summery indie pop tunes we have.

“Our producer Ciaran O’Shea really captured the emotions and energy of the song, so we wanted to release it as the first thing since last year’s Maggie to kind of show that we’re not afraid to switch up our sound through releases. This is the first of a trilogy of singles that we’ll be releasing! Halfway through them we’re gonna be releasing more. We wanna be continually putting out tunes and gigging while doing so.”

Got A Secret definitely has a rockier edge to the band’s previous releases, including a really cool rocky guitar riff mid-way through, and a jaunty singalong chorus that’ll have you hooked. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Mark told us: “I like a lot of different styles and try to draw from everything. At the moment I’ve been trying to write bigger songs that will make people move or dance. It can vary quite a lot depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes it’s abstract stories that I want to write, sometimes it’s a bit closer to the bone. A lot of the songs have been written over the last few years so I’ve definitely noticed the topics changing as I’ve got older and entered adulthood.

“Our live set influences what I’ll end up writing – we’ve dropped most of the slower ones and have been trying to make every gig be non-stop energetic songs and the response has been amazing. Our influences range from Arctic Monkeys and Beach Boys to Kanye West, I don’t think it matters what genre it is – we’re not gonna go write rap tunes but it’s more the technique or feeling.”

Young Earth are hopefully leading a new wave of Irish bands, and if you’re keen on indie rock a la the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand then we think you’re going to like what you hear from these guys. Their catchy brand of jangly guitar-led tunes has been given a rockier edge with the release of Got A Secret, and we think there’s much more to come from them.

You can check out Young Earth on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – with the added spectacle being, in Mark’s words, “Ben ‘Dutch Gold’ Mulligan’s live drumming faces are a spectacle to behold.”

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