Introducing: WITTERQUICK

Devon five-piece WITTERQUICK are fast emerging as one of the most exciting talents on the UK rock scene. In addition to making some great rock tracks, they also have a refreshing ‘keep it real’ attitude towards their music.

We spoke to bassist Ollie this week, and he told us: “Trust us, we’re not here to jump on a bandwagon or fall in line with other artists, we want to do this honestly and make the music we want to make. We started off writing music that we wanted to listen to for fun, and it went from there once we realised that everyone else wanted to listen to it too. Whether that leads us to playing stadiums or playing to 10 people in a pub somewhere, we’re going to do WITTERQUICK the right way. Why be like anyone else?

Testament to the quality of their music is the fact that the band has aloready worked with producer Romesh Dodangoda, whose CV includes the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Twin Atlantic. Ollie told us: “It was a great vote of confidence the first time we worked with him because we were just starting out. When he called back after hearing some of the demos it gave us the mental support that any new band needs, it let us know we were on to something that people wanted to be a part of.”

WITTERQUICK are due to begin a UK tour alongside Altered Sky and Autumn Ruin tonight and release new single Hiding Place tomorrow. On the new single, bassist Ollie told us: “It’s on the heavier side of what we’ve done so far, the song came from a raw place so the feeling suits the lyrical content and the experiences behind it. It’s a cathartic song for us.”

The new track builds on the success of last year’s debut EP Beneath the Spinning Lights, which fuses together five examples of brilliant anthemic rock – with delicious guitar riffs and frontman Will Alford’s delicious vocals. Effortlessly catchy tracks like opener Soldiers and final track Rise make this a must-listen EP, alongside the superb, heavier, faster Fades Out.

In Romesh’s own words: “Witterquick are a band with a massive sound and anthemic songs. I knew I wanted to work with them as soon as I heard Rise.” Check out the video for the excellent Rise below.

And building on what gets them writing music Ollie told us: “We’ve got a great mix of influences, to the extent that you could just say music influences us. We’re all quite eclectic, whether the genre is radio pop, or blues, or thrash metal, if there’s something we like in it we’ll listen to it. Biffy Clyro have been an influence in the way that we learnt from them that being YOU is the most important thing a band/artist can do. Trying to be like anyone else just adds you to the queue, being YOU means that you’re the only one.”

The good news is that there’s plenty more to come from WITTERQUICK this year, with loads of new music – in Ollie’s words “more than fans are expecting” – and lots of opportunities to see them live.

You can follow WITTERQUICK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and get hold of their music on iTunes and all the usual places. Keep an eye out for the release of Hiding Place tomorrow, and check out their upcoming tour dates, including this month’s tour that begins in Norwich tonight, here.

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