Introducing: The Beautiful Monument

Our focus has been well and truly on female-fronted rock bands in the last week, following Wednesday night’s antics at Camden Underworld. And it just so happens we’ve found another great one, this time all the way from Australia, The Beautiful Monument.

The quartet are making huge waves in their homeland since forming in early 2015, when they formed from a number of other bands from the local Melbourne music scene – including front-woman Lizi and drummer Laura leaping ship from a band subtly called The Ovaries, of whom bassist Shelby was the biggest fan and “weaselled” her way in alongside guitarist Andy, who was “pinched” from another band.

They’ve since received much praise for last month’s debut full-length album I’m The Sin. We caught up with the band this week and firstly asked them for their take on all the hype around it.

They told us: “We’re absolutely ecstatic about the release. We’ve had a great response so far but it’s just the beginning! We’ve got a few big things lined up in terms of shows, starting with our show on 1 April to a sold out crowd with I Prevail and Void of Vision. We’re pretty excited about that one, and so excited for everything else to be released.”

In terms of their sound, the band has that uncanny knack of being able to mix it up with the best of them. In their words: “It’s really different. When we went into recording we wanted so many different sounds, and we were so lucky to be able to produce it with the help of Sonny and Evan of STL Studios. Every track is so different, it’s versatile, it’s a mix of Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, PVRIS and Hands Like Houses. We just produce the music that we’re feeling at the time and it worked really well for us.”

I’m The Sin jumps between fast-paced rock and beautiful, laid-back melodic sections. Second track Perceptions shows this off perfectly, opening up with a punky riff over some big driving drums, then a punky verse supported by palm-muted chords then a big singalong chorus as it builds into a big atmospheric rock track.

Next up Disorder is much more BMTH in style, opening up with big chunky chords and a low-tuned fast-paced riff through a fast verse and a big chorus, then electronic edits of repeats of “It’s all in your head.” It’s big and catchy, with a big rock-out to finish off.

There’s more of the same in Hostage, which opens up with big guitar chords along with some cool synth noises. A brooding opening verse leads into a huge anthemic, booming chorus, which is made even bigger by the returning synth. The synthy theme continues into War, which starts off slow but builds into a synth-led rocky intro then a laid-back opening verse that leads with the great lyrics: “Let’s give these kids some guns, and take out all the fun.”

But the pure rock returns in Manifestation, which opens up with a little guitar riff that bursts into a bigger, heavier version of it and then a verse with palm-muted chords, that gradually build. Check out the video below:

While the same punkiness is present in Ashes, which opens with heavy palm-muted chords then builds into a slower, singalong chorus with the cutting words: “You claim that you’re my hero, but you’re not mine.”

But the pace is picked up again in the excellent Manic, in which the acoustic riff lures you in and kicks you out with a burst of heavy chords, then fast-paced palm-muted chords and big drums through the frantic verse. Before the final chorus, huge screams kick in as the album reaches its heaviest point.

But the album goes out on a high with final track Sins. It starts off slowly with a building guitar riff, big atmospheric bass and Lizi’s echoey vocals through an extended verse. Everything drops out, then there’s a huge wall of noise supporting Lizi’s massive vocals in a brief rock-out, before the return of the opening verse.

In the band’s words: “I’m The Sin focuses a lot on failed relationships, family struggles and depression issues. We’ve been through a lot since 2015, which has helped us write songs that we feel so strongly about and our fans can relate to, as opposed to singing about horror movies and zombies.

The Beautiful Monument are also the first Australian band we’ve spoke to since starting up the blog six months ago, so we were keen to find out if there’s a hot scene waiting to be discovered by UK rock lovers.

The band told us: “The Australian music scene is thriving at the moment, there’s a bunch of local bands doing really really well for themselves in all genres. There’s always good shows happening every weekend, and we’re so stoked to be a part of it right now. In terms of the rock/metal/punk scene, it’s doing so well too. As often as venues for this genre close down, another opens.”

If you happen to be in Australia then you could have a chance to see The Beautiful Monument live this year, as they have some tours and gigs in the works. The rest of us will have to wait for now, but the band certainly has ambitions, they told us: “We’re so grateful for everything our fans have supported us in and we’re super excited for what the future holds. We can’t wait to show the world what we have in store!”

You can follow The Beautiful Monument on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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