Album Review: Halflives – Empty Rooms

Italian pop rockers Halflives‘ debut album Empty Rooms is an impressive effort filled with catchy tunes that make it a must listen for fans of the likes of Paramore. With upbeat melodies and Linda Battilani’s powerful vocals, this album is energetic and fresh.

This album is full of gems, with debut single Mayday and follow up single Burn instant classics with their heartfelt lyrics – but the whole album portrays life lessons to an upbeat pop rock melody.

Mayday is a stand-up example of what this band is about. Guitarists Enrico Bertoni and Matt Mantovani provide it with upbeat riffs, along with strong bass from Oscar Scantamburlo and Fede Bernardi’s dynamic drumming, plus the occasional synthy burst, providing the perfect combination and backdrop to Linda’s tenacious voice.

As Linda herself told us in our recent interview: “Our sound bridges pop and alternative, with a definite rock base. We make a point to make catchy and accessible songs, to make it possible to get into our music immediately. We like to have people singing with us at the show so we work on writing effective choruses in melodic and deep songs.”

My favourite track off this album has to be The Sickness, which begins with a mellow intro but soon kicks into a high beat infectious chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.

This eight-track album has been funded by the power of crowdsourcing which, having smashed the band’s original target by 200%, speaks for itself. Their current fanbase are clearly crazy for this band, and after hearing this album you will be too.

Speaking of the album Linda told us: “We wanted this album to be the very best of us, so we decided on purpose to make it an 8-track album with the best songs we wrote over these last 18 months. We know it’s an usual format but fans can expect deep tracks with a strong message. We have been merciless during the writing process and we sacrificed all the demos that were not good enough to be featured on this album according to us. Expect the core of our half lives.”

Halflives will be in the UK through May and June, with a five gig tour of the country beginning on 31 May in Southampton and taking in Camden Rocks Festival on 3 June. More on all their tour dates is here.

Empty Rooms is out on 14 April and you can pre-order the album now here.

You can follow Halflives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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