Introducing: Artemis Rising

Without getting all political on you, unless you’ve not watched the news or been on social media lately you’ll know that terror threats and social injustice are pretty high on the media agenda. This trend has not escaped German metalcore act Artemis Rising, who last week released new single Unchosen, which is all about the ongoing refugee crisis and people who go through situations of terror.

The Artemis Rising project has been slowly bubbling away for a while, since guitarist Dennis began a mission of finding new band members. After several changes, the current lineup began taking place with guitarist Kevin and drummer Tobi coming on board, then Dennis’ twin brother, another Kevin, joined shortly after on bass. After a long search, they found their vital vocalist in the form of Wim towards the end of 2013 and, since then, have begun to grow a following across Germany. Now, it’s time for everyone else to find out.

Unchosen is the perfect combination of Artemis Rising’s sees moments of true heavy, hardcore metal followed by much more melodic sections. Wim’s vocals are hugely impressive, easily jumping between brutal screams and clean, melodic delivery in the choruses.

The track begins with a high-pitched guitar riff, spoken lyrics and a big scream then launches into life with low-tuned guitars in support of a heavier version of the original riff, with some really cool little bursts of high-pitched guitar notes and big screamed vocals. Clean vocals then follow in a singalong chorus with some big bass drum and choppy guitar chords in support.

The versatility of the band is shown by segments of electro-metal riff, which leads into a huge metal smash-up with a heavier final rendition of the chorus before the song winds down with synthy calm.

Dennis told us: “This song is about people in the world who go through terror and similar threats and don’t get the help they need. We witnessed that whenever people in Europe, especially politicians, discuss whether we should help the people coming here or not, they only try to establish and strengthen their political stance. What we really missed is to look at the people themselves, not only the potential they can add to your political attitude.

“In the video you see us playing in front of tanks and other military vehicles. We wanted to create a kind of immersive feeling like we’re actually playing in ‘this land of war’ we’re mentioning in the beginning of the track. The story part revolves around a girl that’s captured and harassed and just wants to flee from her hostile environment. In the end she manages to do so and seeks help at the mansion she’s running to. In the next cut, we changed to a girl that looks like she’s not a native European. Our question is: What’s the fucking difference?”

Check out the video for yourself below:

One of the most interesting things about Artemis Rising is their wide range of influences. Wim and the guitar boys are big into post-hardcore bands like I See Stars and Memphis May Fire and more hardcore music, while the rhythm end of Tobi and bassist Kevin are more into progressive music like Periphery and Tesseract.

Dennis explained: “I think our sound varies a little bit from song to song. Unchosen for example is a bit poppy and has a catchy chorus. But we also have tracks, that don’t include clean vocals or are a lot heavier in general. You will hear the variety in the future as we wrote a lot of new songs in the last months.

“What all songs have in common is that they have a lot of power. We’re using quite a lot of electronic influences, too, but also have heavy riffs and sick breakdowns.”

The band has plans to record more music later this year with Sawdust Recordings, including a potential new album.

Stay tuned for more news on that and more by following Artemis Rising on Facebook and Twitter. You can also watch their array of videos and acoustic covers on YouTube, and check out more of their music on Spotify.

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