Introducing: Methedras

It’s pretty unusual for us to be writing about a band that’s been going for two decades but in the case of Methedras we love their sound so much that we felt they were well worth bringing to your attention.

The Italian four-piece, who define themselves wonderfully as a “Thrash-Death-Killing-Machine,” are close to celebrating their 21st birthday as a band but thankfully show no sign of slowing up anytime soon.

We spoke to bassist Andrea Bocchi to find out more about this exciting metal stalwart, and first asked him for his thoughts on Methedras’ longevity. He said: “We’re close to the 21st birthday of the band, it’s a very long period! Surely the highlight of our career is the tour that we made supporting Overkill and Sanctuary, an incredible experience that allowed us to play in front of hundreds of fans all around Europe, and that taught us a lot about how to work on stage with top-level musicians and crew.

“In these 21 years the metal scene has changed a lot, especially the thrash one, which is now is living a rebirth of the old style that is not exactly our style, more death oriented.”

With that in mind, we asked Andrea to describe what people are missing out on. He told us: “Our sound is a huge wall of heavy guitars, supported by a killer rhythm section (bass and drums) and a hard growl singing. Our idea was always to mix together two of our favourites kind of metal, thrash and death, and gradually insert some new elements, like for example  obsessive electronic backings that are letting be our sound deeper and weird.”

The band’s latest album, 2014’s System Subversion, gives listeners a great taste of the Methedras sound – with huge thrash guitar from Daniele Colombo, including big riffing and insane solos, smashing drums couresy of Daniele Gottim topped off with the brutal vocal delivery from Tito Listorti Maglia.

Case in point is epic second track You Got It, which is pretty much a mash-up of all the aforementioned vital metal elements. Check it out for yourself in the video below:




Equally good and slightly less hardcore, but heavier on the awesome guitar riffs, is the excellent Dead Memories, with its relentless driving drums and high-pitched repeated guitar riff, followed by what is as close to a singalong chorus as you’re likely to see in thrash metal then a big ascending guitar solo. Check it out in a video portraying the band’s awesome live show below:


Stepping back 11 years in time the band released seven-track EP The Worst Within, which is a rampant smash of pure unadulterated thrash – including the brilliant By Yourself and Flash, which are chocked full of huge drums and all manner of guitar excellence. You can enjoy those tracks and the entire EP in the below stream:



If you like what you hear then there’s much more of it online, so check out the band’s back catalogue of big metal brilliance.

Methedras are the latest in a series of Italian bands we’ve spoken to but the first metal band, so we asked Andrea to sum up his homeland’s metal scene. He said: “Right now the Italian metal scene is good, because there are a lot of good bands that kick ass and that are playing also outside Italy. But basically the problems in Italy are two: a progressive lack of venues, I mean good venues, where to play, and the metalheads, that are not supporting completely the scene, preferring to be fragmented in small groups instead of all supporting the scene together.”

2017 sees the band back in the studio to record new album The Ventriloquist, which should be out in the second half of the year. They’ll also be out on the road, including a tour of Brazil in June.

You can follow Methedras on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and all the usual places. And, if you fancy rocking out in the same style as Methedras, then the band has very kindly listed its lyrics and tabs on its website.

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