Support New Music This Record Store Day

Music shops up and down the country will be celebrating real music, promoting the benefits of physically owning music, and thanking the people that support the industry on Record Store Day this Saturday (22 April).

The event will see over 500 records make their way exclusively into independent record shops across the UK. This offers a chance to get your hands on exclusive records, flick your way through some great physical records, enjoy live music from some awesome musicians and generally just enjoy new music.

Record labels have provided a set of special releases to work with, from which shops will curate their own unique Record Store Day offerings. This means a massive range of music on offer, across all genres, enticing more shops, and hopefully customers, than ever to get involved.

Rupert Morrison of Drift Record Shop told us: “Record store day is a celebration of the buildings and hard-working staff that support emerging talent and artists every day of the year. The annual celebration, now in its 10th year, is the perfect opportunity to engage with the biggest possible audience, and to remind them of how important in the shops are in developing the careers and awareness of bands of all sizes.

More information on the importance of this event is in the video below:

So find out which of your local stores are taking part, and get along on Saturday to get your hands on some great music. You can find participating stores near you, view all this year’s exclusive releases, and find out more about you can get involved.

And you can stay up to date on all the latest by following Record Store Day on Facebook and Twitter.

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