New Band of the Week: In My Disguise

My first introduction to this week’s New Band of the Week was their claim that they are “breathing new life into the world of rock music.” This is quite some claim from Ipswich rockers In My Disguise, but thankfully one that they more than live up to.

The four-piece was formed as a project by lead vocalist Ollie Smith and guitarist Lee Alexander when they were studying music performance at college. They took a couple of years to build out a band, with the arrival of bassist Jonathan David Goldsmith and drummer George Davis around a year ago.

We caught up Ollie this week, and first up asked him to expand on the band’s bold claim. He told us: “We feel that we bring a unique sound to the world of rock, all four of us have very differing musical influences which means we all bring a different sound to the table. We feel we are able to combine those different styles and create a unique sound with undertones of groove rock. This also means that we can be very versatile with the music we write and can cover a lot of different genres. We have softer ballads but also hard rock music and the occasional ‘metal sounding’ riff as well, which we feel is quite refreshing to the rock genre.”

The band’s sound will be available for everyone with the release of debut EP Achromatic next month. Ollie told us: “Achromatic to us is a great representation of what we believe to be what we are all about, and we are very excited about releasing it. People can expect a hard rocking record that’s also not afraid to soften the tone with ballads like our track Story.

The band describe their sound as “exciting, versatile and energetic” and those three words come across in abundance in the five tracks on Achromatic. It fuses the energy and big rock sound of the likes of Audioslave, Muse and Tool, and there’s a really personal connection that’s born out of Ollie writing all of his lyrics based on personal experiences.

The EP kicks off in lively fashion with the excellent Alive, which begins with a funky opening riff that leads into a quick verse then a big chorus that has echoes of Alter Bridge in Ollie’s powerful vocal delivery. The funky riff combined with Ollie’s vocals are so ridiculously catchy that they’ll have you nodding your head and singing along without even realising it. Two repeats are followed by a short lull with some cool laid-back guitar before a delicious high-pitched guitar solo kicks in and gives way to one final rendition of the verse. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

There’s more of the same with slightly edgier, louder guitars on Hour Glass. It kicks off with a jumpy, heavy guitar riff then Ollie’s vocals take the lead again in a winding, catchy chorus. There’s some moans and whines after the second chorus that lead into a repetitively cool mini-solo then a fast-paced guitar riff to close out.

The pace drops down a notch with third track Story, before ramping up again with a barrage of guitar and drums in the intro to Fear. It drops down into a verse of vocals supported by just the drums before guitar chords kick in as the momentum builds towards an awesome singalong chorus with Ollie hitting some impressive high notes. The guitar chords are sustained through the next verse, which concludes with some show-off vocals that lead into another chorus, which leads into a key change and the same guitar chords with vocals drifting over the top. When that seems to be bringing the track to an end there’s a mini-drum roll then the band launches into one final offering of the really catchy chorus.

The EP closes out with probably its heaviest track Scattered Memories, which showcases the band at their very rockiest best. It opens up with a heavily distorted, chunky guitar intro that’s soon joined by vibrato-heavy vocals supported by choppy guitar chords before launching into a heavier chorus. The repeated vocals of “Help me now, help me if you will” with the blitzing guitar chords behind them are ridiculously infectious, followed by an awesome high-pitched extended guitar solo that feeds nicely into one final chorus.

Ollie tells us: “Every IMD song is a musical journey. We are heavily influenced by other bands that use everyday life to connect their music to a personal journey in which people can relate to, and while it can seem quite dark at times the focus is to show people that everyone has bad experiences but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You will be captivated from beginning to end, our music will make you want to move and rock out! We have a combination of heavy metal guitar that is softened by the locked in groove of the bass and drums, complemented by powerful rock vocals.

“We have all come to the same conclusion when it comes to being in a band, and that is we really just love playing music! We love writing, recording, gigging, and the entire process of what being a musician means today. Seeing our favourite bands play live inspires us to keep aiming higher and to get better with every release and gig we play.

There’s certainly an exciting future ahead for a band that is far from lacking in self-belief. They have already started recording several new singles they hope to release later in the year, and are preparing to play a mini tour coming up so expect to hear plenty more from them very shortly. They’ll be playing in Bury St Edmunds on 20 May, and more information on their upcoming gigs is here.

Ollie tells us: “We just want everyone to know that we are very proud of Achromatic and we can’t wait for you all to hear it. We have done everything ourselves without using a studio or hiring an artist to do our artwork, and everything that you hear and see with Achromatic is 100% In My Disguise. This is only the beginning for us, and we are already working on new material which we hope to release later on in the year so stay tuned!”

Achromatic is out on Friday 19 May. You can follow In My Disguise on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and you can listen to their music on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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