Introducing: Analog Bombs

As a brass player myself we’ve had a sad lack of ska music thus far on this site, so it gives me great pleasure to introduce Bradford-based Analog Bombs.

The six-piece aren’t quite your standard ska rockers, fusing indie rock with their eclectic trombone and organ sound. It’s hugely enjoyable, easy to listen to and infectiously catchy – and the band themselves describe it as “bouncy drunken fun.”

They expanded: “Well, we’re like being thrown through a chip shop window after being started on by a Rude Boy, a Happy Mondays fan and a Northern Soul DJ after spilling mild all over their shoes while slidey dancing in the pub next door.

“We would like to say we all met while doing something exciting instead of meeting in a pub and deciding to form a band, so we will. In all honesty, we all met while part of an undercover black-ops project to mask the existence of gnomes to the general population. Apart from Jonny, who is an actual angel who was sent to us from heaven for guidance just like that Highway To Heaven show from the eighties.”

The lineup of lead vocalist Ben, Lee on guitar and vocals, Jonny on bass, Matt on trombone, Danny on drums and Deano on organs and vocals released their debut album Lower State of Consciousness back in December, and it’s a superb debut.

The album is a fun blast of ska with the trombone prominent throughout, with blasts of organ thrown in for good measure. The hugely enjoyable Sunday Morning encapsulates this, with a wide range of trombone melodies defining the changing mood of the track. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

As you might imagine their music is big on energy, with Break Up a great example of this. The vocals are fast-paced with trombone and guitar support, while there’s a couple of mini-organ solos in a musical interlude that leads into a fast-paced outro. The hugely catchy Headshot continues along the same lines, and is possibly my favourite track from the album.

Think Yourself To Death opens up with a funky little organ riff which soon gives way to a ska combination of trombone and high-pitched guitar riff that lead into am edgy verse and a big chorus, in which the ‘ba ba ba ba’ vocals are almost impossible not to sing along to.

The album is chocked full of fun indie ska tracks like the high-energy Straight Down that’ll have you wanting to skank, dance and sing along in appreciation.

It goes out in style with the superb Lola, which starts off with a funky rolling riff, a rolled tongue vocal and a fast-paced intro. A fast-paced verse including the awesome lyrics “She looked like Debbie Harry in a magazine, She clearly looked at me and saw a cash magazine, And she came over, My name is Lola, And is this your local, It’s not really my scene.”

The band takes influence from a wide spectrum of music, as they tell us: “We all love different types of music, from Matt’s brass band and classic ska sounds, Danny’s love of The La’s, Super Furry Animals and Big Country, Jonny loves an eclectic variety of rock,  Lee loves classic indie, Ben is the biggest Morrissey fan in the world and Deano loves 90s shoegaze. Blimey, and we sound nothing like any of those!

“We like catchy, memorable songs with nice harmonies. to give you a better idea the cover versions we have done recently in our live set are songs by Kraftwerk, Toots and the Maytals and The Zombies.”

Analog Bombs are currently touring to support the debut album, including mostly gigs in and around Bradford but also a London show on 12 May and a small tour of Germany in August, and just finished recording a special one-off song. You can see all their upcoming shows here.

You can follow Analog Bombs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and check out the album on Spotify.

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