Introducing: Best Intentions

Kent-based rockers Best Intentions have honed an intriguing style of experimental rock with all manner of psychedelic elements.

The quartet of Jack Theedom (lead vocals, guitar, songwriter), Dave Nunn (drums and backing vocals), Callum Pope (guitar and backing vocals) and Graham Thomas (bass) met, in their words, in the pub as Jack was writing his own songs in downtime from his other band It Hugs Back.

Jack told us: “Jack, Dave and Callum have known each other for years through different friendship groups, all centred around our favourite pub (Drakes, in Maidstone), playing together at open-mic nights and going to gigs. We started playing Jack’s songs in the spring of 2016, but struggled to find a bass player and then Graham appeared out of nowhere, so we were complete.

“Music is our main drive in life, the single greatest abstract creation of human civilisation. Listening to music is great but creating and playing music is something else, especially in a live group. Where would we be without music? I dread to think.”

The band released their debut Good Advice EP on Friday, and it’s a really fun listen with a plethora of musical excellence throughout the four tracks influenced by the members’ upbringing on 90s rock and grunge and the likes of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix from the 60s and 70s.

It kicks off with a lively repeated guitar riff and driving drums in the intro to title track Good Advice, then drops into a slower opening verse before the opening riff returns. The next round of the verse has much more going on, with repeated guitar riffs in the background, before a quick lull gives way to winding guitar goodness. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by Change The Channel, which starts off with slow, light guitar chords that continue through to high-pitched vocals through the verse. The lyrics “It’s been this way now for so long, I’m not scared no I’m just numb” lead us into a high-pitched meandering guitar solo before dropping into the dreamy verse.

Next up is the epic seven minute long Lost In A Feeling, which begins with a repeated call and answer between guitars that continues throughout a laid-back opening verse. Distorted guitar bursts come in and feed into a second verse that gradually builds in intensity to feed into more distorted guitar, then a more psychedelic, atmospheric feeling. The call and answer guitars return in a heavier format as the track builds, then drops out to the opening guitar riff and another lighter verse that once again builds up into something bigger. There’s then a big instrumental interlude with a gradually building guitar and electronic noise, before a long period of guitar noise sees us to the end.

Next up Ghost of Everyone is a bit rockier with heavier guitar chords among light, floaty verses with a delicious drawn-out guitar solo. Final track The Way feels almost Beatles-like in its guitar intro and the vocal delivery of the verse before building into an atmospheric chorus and a really funky guitar solo.

In terms of what influences them to write,  this is where things get really interesting and different. Jack tells us: “The human condition, what makes us do the things we do, the things we notice in the people around us and how that makes us feel. As the psycho-analyst Carl Jung said, ‘to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.’ Fun things like that.”

The band has several shows lined up around Kent and London but is keen to get more across the country. They also have plans to record and release a new EP this summer as, in Jack’s words: “Otherwise we’ll end up like the Beatles, having to release an eponymous double album just to get the songs down and out.”

You can follow Best Intentions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and get hold of Good Advice on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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