New Band of the Week: Pretty Pistol

We’re going all old school punk on you for this week’s New Band of the Week, with South London rockers Pretty Pistol.

The quartet of Laura (vocals), Billy (guitar), Rich (bass) and Emma (drums) have been together a little over a year and released debut EP Bones last month. We had a chat with lead vocalist Laura this week to find out more.

She told us: “We all met each other through previous bands, mutual friends and the gigging scene. Our original bassist left to start a family, so we had to go looking for a new one. We found Rich through Gumtree, he’s been with us about 4 months now and since then we’ve just been cracking on with it.

“We all got into music early on, at school, like most people do, and like a lot of people at school we all had terrible bands, but luckily we’re now in a not-so-terrible band. Being in a band is kind of just a normal status for us, we’d probably feel weird if we weren’t in a band. I don’t know if that’s an impulse, it’s just what we do.”

The band were determined to make the best, all-round impression of themselves on Bones. As Laura explains to us: “It’s punk, for sure, but each song has something that’s a little different that sets each of them apart. You don’t get a lot of space to really prove who you are on a four-track E.P., so we wanted to make sure each song showed that we’re not just ‘one thing’, we’re not just ‘one band.’

“We have some people that come to our shows regularly but it’s the people who’ve never seen us before that walk away going ‘What the hell did I just witness?’ We’re really proud of the EP but you have to come and see us live to really get it.”

Pretty Pistol draw influence from the likes of among others The Kills, Nirvana and Be Your Own Pet, the latter of which is the most prominent in their raw, energetic punk.

The EP kicks off with title track Bones, which starts with a repeated bass riff and guitar noise with spoken vocals before bursting into life with angsty repeats of “I’m picking up the pieces” then dropping down into the lower tempo verse. The second chorus is followed by guitar bursts then lone vocals of “Your bones” then a big rock-out to bring the track to an end.

Next up, Man With A Gun starts with a repeated bassline, a darting guitar riff then explodes into Laura’s huge vocal repeats of “Now you’re the man with a gun.” The big vocals continue in an almost shouted delivery, combined with big fast-paced guitars that’ll have you banging ahead and jumping around in appreciation. The track concludes with a high-pitched mini-solo that leads into one final rendition of the energetic chorus.

British Summer is a little more laid back, with its repeats of almost spoken vocals followed by Laura’s trademark shouty vocals. It’s also by far the longest track on the EP at nearly four minutes, compared to the others coming in at around 2:30.

Final track Come On sees the EP close in true angsty punk brilliance. It starts at breakneck speed with a cool guitar riff in support of Laura’s vocals “And when you see me you will know that I could never do no wrong,” then launching into a tirade of cries of “Come on, come on, come on” through the wild, punky chorus. There’s a moment of calm in a little bass interlude, which is soon joined by a jumpy guitar solo then a blast of punk powerchords, a scream from Laura and a final blitz of the “Come ons.”

Bones is an excellent introduction to this exciting new band, who are big on energy in their hugely enjoyable brand of raw punk.

When asked what influences their writing, Laura tells us: “Everything, it’s hard to pinpoint. General life experiences. I can go for months without writing anything, then something will happen in our lives and I’ll start filling notepads. It’s definitely not something that can be forced, I’ve learnt that.”

The band has new music in the works and plans for more gigs to support their debut EP, including playing at Camden Rocks Festival on 3 June. Keep up with their shows here.

You can follow Pretty Pistol on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and check out the EP on Spotify.

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