Introducing: Hunter Dumped Us Here

Iowa rockers Hunter Dumped Us Here have to be one of the most eclectic and entertaining bands we’ve met, diving into all manner of genres from indie pop all the way through to hardcore.

The quartet of Gabe Reasoner (vocals, keys and bass), Preston West (guitar and vocals),
Jason Feight (drums) and Aslan Denbow (bass and guitar) write diverse track, combining multiple influences and styles that you can’t help but be engaged by.

We caught up with lead singer Gabe this week to find out more, and first up asked him to summarise the HDUH sound. He explained: “We usually describe it as loud Indie rock. There are definitely elements of emo/post-hardcore too and even pop. The sound is big, dynamic, and has a lot of different influences from different eras.”

HDUH began as a Gabe’s solo project in 2013, he released a couple of solo EPs then brought in, in his words, “some of the greatest musicians that I knew / still know to expand the sound” in 2015. The band released their first full-length album I Understand in June.

We asked Gabe to explain more about their attention-grabbing band name, and he said: “The name relates to an experience I had as a kid. I found a partially harvested deer carcass in the woods that had been killed for sport or rack and left strewn about the woods. Instead of leaving a legacy behind of only death when we are gone, like those bones, we want to leave behind a legacy of love, acceptance, and helping others.”

We get a great insight into the HDUH sound on Cavendish, the excellent lead single from their debut album. It opens up with a big blast of guitar and rolling drums that lead into Gabe’s distinctively engaging, storytelling vocals. The vocals dominate, including a cool, protracted section of spoken vocals as the track grows in intensity, with fun guitar riffs and keyboard cameos throughout. It’s a hugely enjoyable introduction to the band, so check it out in the video below:

The band’s sound is difficult to pinpoint, largely due to the wide variations in Gabe’s vocal delivery – from indie-esque singing, to spoken vocals and big screams. He tells us the band’s influences are equally diverse, from the likes of Arcade Fire and Explosions In The Sky all the way through to Brand New and Thrice.

Their wonderful lyrics are equally engaging, including the opening line from No Good Men “I am the object of a pervert’s desire.” I implore to check out their music to sample the superb lyrics for yourself.

Gabe told us: “I was raised in a very musical home and used to play in nursing homes for the elderly at a young age. That really opened me up to the concept of entertaining people and brightening their lives through music. All of the band members have been musicians for most of our lives.

“I am influenced by a great deal of things, but mental health has been a huge topic/inspiration for my writing. I believe we all struggle with maintaining mental wellness and that it is important to talk about that. Our full length album is a concept where each song is a different person’s story of surviving hardships. I am also influenced by the current state of today’s society, religion, and politics. The usual rock n roll topics, I suppose.”

HDUH have big plans for 2017, including making the move to the larger music scene of Minnesota and writing tracks for a second album. Gabe tells us: “We love to talk to people and we want to help people through our music as much as possible. Message us on social media and we’d love to talk. You are loved and cared for, no matter what you think or have been told.”

You can follow Hunter Dumped Us Here on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and check out their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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