Introducing: Veins

When I first discovered three-piece Corby / London-based Veins, they summarised their music as being “epic, atmospheric and moody,” which was enough intrigue to have me hooked immediately.

The trio of Stephen Rees (guitar and vocals), Scott Warner (bass) and Dan Appleyard (drums) have honed a unique ‘widescreen rock’ sound that is big on atmospheric guitar and melodic vocals underpinned by driving drums and funky basslines.

We spoke to bassist Scott to get the lowdown on what makes Veins tick, starting that widescreen rock descriptor. He told us: “All three of us have quite varied tastes in music and when we started the band the common thread running between what we all liked as individuals was a sense of epic sounding ‘bigness’ – if that’s a word. The best way we could describe it was ‘soundtrack music.’

“When we sent our debut single Ambi off to our PR company they described it as ‘intricate, epic, widescreen rock with a lot of ambition’ and that felt like it summed us up pretty well, so it stuck. We’re all really into the way music conjures up imagery, so like the idea of the crossover.”

Scott has played in previous bands with both Stephen and Dan, and tells us when the three of them teamed up “things just clicked.” He explained: “We’re very much driven by the big bass and drum sound, with atmospheric guitar layers and melodic vocals over the top. My favourite description came after our first gig, when somebody described watching us as like ‘watching the end of every film ever.’ What a compliment!”

While you certainly can’t call their music heavy, their is a certain heaviness to their big hooky rock. Debut single Ambi opens up with a repeated guitar riff, then the big bass kicks in with lingering guitars supporting a meandering verse, that kicks into life in a faster, atmospheric chorus. The vocals are deliciously enjoyable, with the backdrop of high-pitched guitars and heavy bass, which come to the fore in a big outro. Check it out in the appropriately moody looking video below, which the band made themselves and are very proud of:

Also on their debut single release is Far & Yonder, which opens up with a funky bassline and almost sinister lingering high-pitched guitars. The opening vocals are edgy but brilliantly delivered, including the fantastic line “I’ve got the Angel of Death and he wants my life” that sparks a change of sound with bigger guitar sound driven by heavier drums. The track becomes increasingly atmospheric with the lingering guitars alongside several layers of vocals and the big bass sound.

Scott tells us: “Me and Dan come from a rock/metal background so that has seeped into our playing which I guess influences the big bass and drum thing. Although I’m always keen to point out that we’re not a heavy band.

“Most of the lyrics are about personal experiences and those of the people around us. We like to keep them fairly cryptic though. Often Stevie will come up with a melody or hook and everything will be built around that.”

Veins have another second single recorded, which should be out in June and they have more writing and gigging lined up, including their recent confirmation for Camden Rocks Festival which we are really excited about.

The band’s debut single and B-side are both on Spotify and Soundcloud, and if you like what you hear then follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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