EP Review: Tigress – Like It Is

Essex five-piece Tigress are back with a bang with their second EP Like It Is, which is chocked full of the band’s powerful, singalong rock.

The record sees the Chelmsford rockers, fresh from a tour with punk sensations Counterfeit., justify their position as one of the most exciting up-and-coming British bands around – with Kate Jackson’s impressive vocals perfectly complemented by some big rocky guitar riffs.

The EP kicks off with big guitar chords and faint wailing vocals in the intro to Give Me A Chance. It soon drops down for a relaxed first verse with Jackson’s voice showing its diversity in a gradually building delicate, high-pitched pre-chorus before a powerful, singalong chorus. The second chorus is immediately followed by big screechy guitars alongside the vocals that leads into another rendition of the chorus, this time with more vocal freedom and big. powerful high notes.

The excellent start to the EP is backed up by the energetic, anthemic Power Lines, which kicks off with repeated guitar chords under Jackson’s vocals. It then jumps into a chorus of singalong lyric “Reset the power lines, because it’s too late to press rewind” then big vocals “I like it better with the lights off, I like it better with the volume down” followed by distinctly Queens of the Stones Age-esque little guitar twirls. The second chorus is followed by a gradually building guitar noise over big vocals, before one big blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:

That’s followed by Headaches, which kicks off with a big burst of guitar before a vocal-led verse with light guitar support that flows into a big singalong chorus focused around the lyrics “This is what it feels like, I get these headaches.” Jackson’s vocals are exceptional throughout, but particularly so from the building, post-second chorus passage through to the huge, rocking outro.

Of the track, Jackson says “Headaches is about the global mental health epidemic we are currently experiencing, it feels like the nation has one giant headache that we are unable to shift.”

The pace steps down a notch or two for Shockwave, a slow, winding track that showcases the massively impressive, more delicate side of Jackson’s vocals and features an atmospheric violin part from the second verse. This is the classic ‘lighter in the air’ track.

The heaviness is immediately ramped up again on final track Temper, Temper, which begins with a big smash of funky bass, soon joined by big high-pitched vocals that wind towards cries of “Hit the brakes” as the song kicks into life. The second verse begins with “Temper, don’t lose your temper” with wild guitar noises flying around in the background then the chorus, with its big rolling guitar chords, returns. The instruments then drop out for a funky “When are you gonna let me go?” before bursting back into a big rocky blast that leads back into a bigger chorus to bring the EP to an end.

Like It Is offers up an excellent selection of fun, singalong rock anthems led by Jackson’s huge vocals and big riffs, and the record really grows on you with every listen. It’s out now and available on Spotify and iTunes, and all the usual places.

You can follow Tigress on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, while Katy Jackson’s videos on YouTube – including this awesome cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s Can You Feel My Heart – are well worth a view.

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