Introducing: The Temps

We’ve got another great new band from across the pond in Ireland for you today, in the form of Dublin-based indie act The Temps.

The quartet of Owen Soper (vocals and guitar), Alex Smirnov (guitar), Conor Kennedy (bass) and Chris Bradshaw (drums) are a little more chilled out than some of the Irish bands we’ve previously featured. As Owen tells us: “I wouldn’t put ourselves in the bracket of indie rock, especially in Ireland, as bands here tend to base their sound off early Arctic Monkeys. With our sound, we gravitate towards chilled out tunes that can be listened to in any mood.”

The band’s catchy, laid back indie sound has already attracted national radio play in Ireland but they’re ready to establish themselves further to the UK and the US. And given the summery feel of their music it’s apt that they’re preparing to release plenty of material over the summer months.

The first is the excellent Moment, which launched today. The track kicks off with a cool little guitar riff that builds into a bunch of jaunty guitar chords rolling into the opening verse. Owen’s vocals are gruff but engaging with fun, lively guitar support, especially in the lively chorus with a funky little riff over Owen’s floaty vocals.

Check it out for yourself in the lyric video below:

One of the band’s previous singles Amen is also a cracker, with a similar upbeat, summery feeling and lively, singalong vocals.

We asked the guys what inspired their music, and Alex told us: “We listen to all different types of genres. Bands like The Smiths, The Police, The Stone Roses, Oasis and Real Estate have an influence on our sound.

And Owen expanded: “We started out in school writing tunes with two guitars. We have had members join and leave and last year we recruited our bass player Conor, who we knew from school and his mate Chris joined a few months later to complete the line-up. We came together for our love for sweet sweet tunes.

“The tunes have a summery vibe, the songs are ones your mam would love but also ones you can put on when you’re chilled out with a cold one with your mates. Writing the tune can be a long or short process depending on the mood I’m in. However the song never sound the same a month or so after being written once the band adds that extra spice.”

The Temps offer up feel-good, lively indie tracks that are sure to brighten up your mood, with particularly enjoyable guitar licks throughout.

Moment is out now, and The Temps will be releasing more music over the summer alongside a series of gigs, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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