Beneath The Embers release new EP ‘Ashes’

Essex metallers Beneath The Embers, our New Band of the Week last month, have just released their new EP Ashes.

The Colchester-based quartet of lead singer and guitarist Lewy Roland, lead guitarist Clint Bredin, bassist Charlie and drummer Spence have created an excellent four-track EP, and it’s available now on Spotify.

The EP begins in light fashion with the intriguing, building Rise, with its repeating piano leading into an atmospheric hit of violins. That’s soon followed by the engaging opening riff and catchy chorus of Breaking Down The Walls. Check it out in the video below:

Next up is the equally riff-heavy Drag You To The Grave, which opens up with a catchy chunky guitar riff and a huge scream that preludes a big metal smash-up. There’s bigger, deep screamed vocals through the verse that leads into a more engaging, singalong chorus.

New to us from our previous article is the EP’s concluding track Heaven & Hell Can Wait, which also opens up with a big metal riff, hits of cymbal and a cry of “Let’s go” that leads into a big smash-up. Cleaner, higher pitched vocals from Lewy roll through a catchy chorus before flying into a big chorus. Big screamed vocals follow through the second verse, while a big rock out with screamed vocals, then a darting repeated guitar riff follows the second chorus. A huge scream gives way to an onslaught of big metal guitars, before a brief pause that’s soon replaced by a blitzing guitar solo that sends the EP out on a high.

On what influences their songs, Clint told us: “I think it’s an evolving process. We’d already written one song before Lewy came along, which he then tinkered with and it kind of created a character that was then carried on to the second song. The first was quite a dark outlook on life and then evolved into Breaking Down The Rules, which is all about improving yourself. We wrote about a friend of mine that was killed in Iraq, and with Lewy you pretty much get anything – such as a ‘fuck you’ song to an ex-girlfriend.”

Ashes is classic metal at its finest, with big infectious riffs and screamed vocals in amongst engaging melodic hooks aplenty, so go and give it a listen on Spotify.

If you like what you hear then you can see Beneath The Embers live in London on 24 August, at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane, and at Elegy in Norwich on 11 November.

You can follow Beneath The Embers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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