Introducing: Pryti

Ever wondered what Lana Del Rey fused with the Deftones would sound like? Well you’re in luck, because Birmingham-hailing solo artist Pryti attests to be exactly that with her brand of dark, melancholic rock.

Pryti’s sound has been honed from a wide range of influences from Deftones and Linkin Park through to Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco and Michelle Branch.

Pryti, who runs her own label Welcome To Pariahville, has just released a remastered version of Angst, which is probably the heaviest track from her debut album Tales of a Melancholic. The track opens up with gradually building guitars that launch into a big headbangy heavy riff that continues through an opening verse of big rocky vocals before flowing into a melodic chorus with floaty high-pitched guitars.

The second chorus is followed by a big hit of powerful vocals with darting high-pitched guitars then a brief pause for air with laboured guitars and the repeated vocals “They bury me, they bury me” that leads into a heavy outro of the opening riff.

She told us: ” It’s the most moshpit track on there. Expect to want to headbang. My sound is a mixture of Deftones, Sarah Mclachlan and Lana Del Rey, it’s very dark and melancholic.”

Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Angst may be its heaviest track, but the album is generally pretty rocky. The awesome Purge kicks off with Deftones-esque dirgey guitars lingering under Pryti’s low vocals before bursting into a smash of powerful vocals and high-pitched guitars with driving drums and guitar chords in support.

Equally powerful is Abyss, which kicks off in similarly Deftones style light guitars then a big burst of chords before a melodic opening verse that bursts into life with powerful vocals and big chords through the chorus. Check it out in the video below:

One of my favourite tracks from the record is penultimate song Ghost, which starts off light and melancholic but builds gradually towardsa massive ending with Pryti’s vocals “We’re always walking in the shadows” lingering over some heavy guitars. The track shows off Pryti’s hugely powerful voice, which is perfectly accompanied by big rocky guitars and driving drums throughout the record.

And she tells us this is what she’s always wanted to do: “I’ve always wanted to be a solo artist, even when I was little, and that just continued to grow the older I got, then I got into hard rock and metal in my teen years. I also wanted to work in the industry and after interning I decided to give the artist thing a try and I’ve been doing this ever since.

“Anything from a TV show to a book or experiences in life can influence me to write music even if I hear or read a word that can spark something. I like to write a lot about dark subject matters, betrayal but it always has to be relatable.

There’s a lot to like about Pryti’s melancholic brand of dark rock, and you can see her for yourself at her debut gig on Wednesday night (14 June) at The Black Heart, in Camden. She’s also currently writing her second album and planning more gigs, so keep an eye out for more music soon.

You can follow Pryti on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and get hold of her music on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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