New Band of the Week: InVisions

Coming out of York we’ve discovered a very exciting new band who’ve crafted an aggressive brand of heavy metal packed with attitude but also plenty of melody.

InVisions started back in January 2016 when Ben Ville (vocals) approached Lucas Gabb (guitars) about starting a new project after the demise of their previous bands, then recruited Alex Scott (guitars) and booked a studio session for their debut single within a week. Drummer Josh Hardy soon joined after an introduction from the band’s producers Sam and Joe Graves from Innersound Studios, and they haven’t looked back since.

The band has just released new single Purge, ahead of their upcoming self-released debut album Never Nothing, which is out on 18 August.

We had a chat with the band this week, and started by asking them about the imminent debut album. Lucas said: “I’m super hyped! We started work on the album straight after recording our first single Unbreakable in early 2016 so it’s going to be dope to finally see what everyone thinks. Expect a lot of heavy, a lot of attitude and a fair bit of variety within the album!”

And Josh added: “I think I speak for every single one of us when I say we are more than stoked to release this album as it has been in the pipeline for so long now and we just want everybody to see what we’ve been working on for such a long time! People should expect heavy, brutal and punchy verses with catchy choruses, but also expect a lot of truth in the lyrics and the way the songs were written!”

We also asked the band for their insights into self-releasing their album. Ben told us: “I think doing it self-released is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We’ve put a lot of effort, time and money into this and we want to be seen/heard by as many people as possible. I hope we’ve come up with things that people will enjoy and fall in love with and that’s why doing it self-released without any form of backing is a bit nerve racking but I can’t wait for people to hear it nonetheless. Whether it’s my dog who’s jamming it or someone across the world, I’ll be stoked to finally have it out and accessible!”

Purge kicks off with a hooky opening riff with some fast-paced high-notes thrown in for good measure then launching into a big metal smash-out in an exciting intro. That leads into a big opening verse with intensely heavy vocals before a chorus of more melodic, singalong vocals that ends in a big scream and another smash of metal guitars. The second chorus is followed by a barrage of heavy vocals, a brief pause for breath and flying back into the chorus with big high-pitched guitar riffs. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Josh said: “I would say the sound of InVisions is as filthy as it gets. With low guttural vocals, piercing highs and great cleans; instrumentals are attitude filled with punchy rhythm sections and skirt dropping leads.”

While Alex added: “Purge is a pretty good example of the InVisions sound as a whole. Fundamentally it’s heavy and energetic but you’ve still got catchy choruses and groovy riffs. All of our songs are a balance of disgustingly heavy sections and soaring melodies – a reflection of the bands we all grew up listening to.”

InVisions draw influence from a wide range of music, from Lucas and Alex listening to rap and hip-hop as well as classic metal like Metallica, Slipknot and Trivium through to Ben’s inspiration from Bury Tomorrow and Parkway Drive – both of which bear strong similarities to the InVisions sound.

Lucas told us: “The main thing that influences me to write music is the adrenaline rush I get when listening to heavy music. We don’t tend to stick to key themes or topics when we write as we’ll just write what we are feeling with each track. Although a recurring theme within the context of Never Nothing is the idea that everyone is damaged in some way and that a lot of time people try and hide it and pretend everything is all good. The album raises a lot of points about accepting that things aren’t always great and that sometimes you have to just say ‘fuck it.’

And Alex added: “I think for any songwriter, your environment is the biggest influence/theme reflected in your lyrics and it is our own interpretations of what’s happening around us which make it unique. We have lyrics on our album about stealing someone’s girlfriend in a club but we also have lyrics about trying to stop yourself feeling for someone who deserves better than you. It’s diverse, very real and basically an account of personal situations we have experienced over the last few years.”

InVisions could be one of the most exciting bands we’ve met yet, and I’m convinced their brand of big metal sound with melodic undertones is set to be a huge hit.

Never Nothing is out on 18 August, and you can catch InVisions on tour through July, check out all their gig dates here. They’ll be back out on the road to promote the album and have already begun writing their next record, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

You can follow InVisions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and get hold of their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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