Introducing: We Fall Slowly

We’ve spoken to bands from all across Europe in recent months, but today we introduce our first Dutch band in the form of We Fall Slowly.

The five-piece of Boye Emmaneel (vocals), Gerwin (guitar and backing vocals), Maarten (guitars), Jan (drums) and Anton (bass) hail from Emmen, in the north-east of The Netherlands, and have honed what they describe as an intense, melancholic yet angry brand of rock.

It sounded intriguing, so we had a chat with frontman Boye to find out more. He told us: “Well I think the really unique thing about us is that it is somewhere between 90’s grunge and post-hardcore and emo form the beginning of the 00’s. Our musical influences are so diverse that what we do is the perfect combination of all that.

“What inspires me most is people and choices they make, it’s fascinating you know. How is it that people make a certain choice in their live and do they think about the consequence and what effect it has got on themselves and the people around them. Also I take a lot of inspiration of choices I made when I was younger. But at the moment I see a shift in topics, it’s turning to 30 something kinda topics. I think I’m getting older…”

The We Fall Slowly sound is certainly engaging, with intense vocals that appear to be on the verge of breaking and big guitar riffs and almost classical sounds thrown in for good measure.

Latest single The Change is testament to exactly that. It kicks off with a big blast of rock noise, then drops into a quieter, yet intense verse and a big chorus of powerful vocals with big guitar chords and hints of lingering violins in support. The second verse builds into another powerful chorus, with bursts of guitar and high-pitched strings increasingly building the intensity. Check out the video below:

Last year’s release Let It Go is equally intense, starting slow and brooding and building into a huge rock track with a big singalong chorus, while the superbly catchy Harmless definitely straddles the band’s heavier post-hardcore influences. Check out the video to Let It Go, which was made by a fan and set to the Frozen film. Brilliant.

The band has gigs coming up in their homeland next month, and are looking into options to bring their music further afield to Germany and hopefully the UK. They’re currently working on their new live set with plans for a new EP at the end of the year, so keep an eye out for them coming our way very soon.

Follow We Fall Slowly on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube, Spotify or via their label RVP Records.


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